Léa Seydoux’s Laid-Back Plait

2 min read

Léa Seydoux has starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inglorious Basterds, Robin Hood and the French actress has just been cast as the main Bond girl in the next 007 outing: Spectre – all eyes were on the 29-year-old beauty as she took to the Cannes red carpet.

By Jemma Walker

Starring in The Lobster alongside Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, the unusual dystopian film directed by Oscar-nominated Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos sees characters forced to choose a life-long companion or face being transformed into animals. Seydoux’s character is the leader of The Loners, a group of outcasts living in the forest to escape the love-or-die attitude of the city. As the seriocomic film premiered at Cannes to much fanfare this weekend, Seydoux attended alongside her A-list co-stars and we couldn’t wait to try her effortlessly chic up-do. 

Step one: Prepare

First, prep your tresses with a dry shampoo – even if your hair is freshly washed – working the product into your roots helps to add extra uplift, making your style last longer. Gently part your hair with your fingers and dust it with texturizing spray to achieve Seydoux’s beach style plait.

Step two: Style

Next, ready to secure your look with a handful of hairpins, gently pull the two strands beside your face back, twist at the tips for a loose gradual curl away from your face and pin loosely – these are just temporary. Now, split your locks along your parting and roughly plait each side – remember the aim is for a texturized imperfect up-do. Twist the two plaits around each other and pin – make sure to hide the pins holding your Cannes-esque look together.

Step three: Secure

Now all that’s left to do is secure the look with hairspray; if you’re seeking a sleek up-do add a little oil-based spray for an edgy element to your boho-waves.