Forever Right, Right Now: Chanel

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Forever Right, Chanel 2.55
Quintessential to La Maison Chanel is the quilted 2.55 bag. As luxurious as it is timeless the 2.55 incorporates archetypal 50s design, named after the date of its creation, February 1955. Designed for the modern woman the 2.55 features a quilted exterior and a functional double leather-threaded shoulder chain. Making it ever-relevant for the 21st Century Chanel devotee. 

Right Now, The Basket Bag
Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to the exploits of consumer culture. Opening the doors to a fully functional Chanel supermarché within the Grand Palais was his first act. The second was the fashions to don when inside, and so the basket bag was born. Pieced from trademark leather chain links and padlock necklaces, the basket bag gives you the option of carrying as many Chanel treasures as you like, fully on display of course.