10 Celebrity Hairstylists to Follow on Instagram

6 min read

From great haircuts to savvy styling tips, celebrity hairstylists on Instagram are giving us our money’s worth. We’ve handpicked 10 of the best so you don’t have to. 

By Susan Devaney

1. Jenny Cho

From Emilia Clarke to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Jenny Cho has an envious celebrity client list. 

2. Kristen Ess

We all know that Lauren Conrad has great hair and it’s with thanks to this lady. 

3. Mark Townsend

If he’s good enough for all 3 of the Olsen sisters then we think highly of him too. 

4. Mara Roszak

She can count Emma Stone, Lily Collins and Karlie Kloss as clients. That’s a whole lot of starlight. 

5. Harry Josh

With his own haircare line behind him, Harry Josh cuts and sculpts Kate Hudson’s hair. He’s one lucky man. 

6. Jen Atkin

She styles the Kardashian family’s hair for all of their events. Enough said.

7. Renato Campora

Have you ever wondered how actress Amanda Seyfried gets those locks so glossy? Follow Renato and uncover the secret…

8. Hair by Adir

With the swinging ponytail and short cuts in high demand this season, this man is the go-to account for some major hair inspiration.

9. Sarah Potempa

Braids are her thing, and she does them oh so well. Lea Michele likes her too. 

10. Rita Hazan

This lady knows a thing or two about colouring. You only have to look to the locks of Beyonce and Jessica Simpson to see her great work.