Why Tiny Sunglasses are Summer’s Biggest Hit

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Find out how to rock this year’s tiny sunglasses trend

tiny sunglasses

They might not give proper coverage from UV rays, but sunglasses are definitely having their moment. Kanye gave them his stamp of approval and Rihanna even wore a pair of custom Andy Wolf sunglasses on the red carpet last year at Cannes.

These accessories have rested on the noses of plenty of It girls, from Bella Hadid to F.K.A Twigs and Zoë Kravitz. They’ve even been spotted on 13-years-old Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown who sported a pair of Chrome Hearts sun glasses to the Teen Choice Awards. Yes macro has been swapped for micro and the formula is easy – the teenier the frame, the better. Settled on the bridge of your nose, here are the microscopic specs you should be wearing.

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