The Lost Weekend

1 min 6 sec

A pop of exotic print and bold colour is just what we need to brighten an otherwise cloudy weekend. We’re looking to the queen of downtime luxe dressing: Miu Miu, for some Parisian chic layering, quirky textures and bright bursts of juicy hues.

Outfit 1: dress, Shiatzy Chen; jewellery, Veronique Branquinho; sunglasses, Fakoshima | Outfit 2: Coat and top, both Miu Miu; Skirt and sandals, both Carven; jewellery, Catalina Brenes | Outfit 3: jewellery, Ek Thongprasert; Top and belt, both Carven; Skirt and shoes, both Miu Miu | Outfit 4: White coat, Christian Dior; Dress, jacket and trousers, all Vivienne Westwood | Outfit 5: collar, Carven; Dress, Veronique Leroy; Shoes, Manish Arora.

Model: Paulina Gnas at Women | Directed by: Remi Guinaire | Styled by: Gemma Bedini | Makeup by: Cyril Lane | Hair by: Rimi Ura | Colour by: Ghislain Rio | Production: Louis Agency