Weekend Wardrobes: The Tee

Dmitri Ruwan

July 13th 2017

While the notion of wearing a T-shirt to an evening occasion might sound shocking to some, it makes for the perfect wardrobe staple. Think about it: soft, comfortable and in most cases, flattering. The T-shirt has become the must-have day-to-evening item for the multifaceted modern woman. Today, we look to the best ways to wear the trend for the weekend.

Shorts & Tees

Pair your favourite T-shirt tucked into vibrant shorts for all your weekend morning errands for the ultimate in carefree chic. Ensure the textile of your shorts varies from the top to elevate the overall look. Cotton shirts will work well with silk high-waisted shorts, whereas denim cut-offs will exude more Farmville and less runway style. A play on textiles guarantees a sense of opulence while keeping the imagery on your tee to a minimal is always best. 

Weekend Wardrobes The Tee

Hip Accessories

Small, cute and casual, the mini-side satchel is an essential for the weekend. In addition to providing you with just the right amount of room for all your summer essentials, the chic design adds an effortless bohemian grace to your ensemble. Metallic gold and silver hardwear complements the simplicity of your T-shirt while the hip accessory itself can work for everything from work to brunch. 

Weekend Wardrobes The Tee

Cool Customer

Exude city slickness with a simple black T-shirt that bears a single slogan or statement brand insignia. The current trend showcases a penchant for retro-inspired designs and customised styles. While the styling of these outfits is solely dependent on the occasion, pairing a chic printed pencil skirt with booties and a tailored Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket with your T-shirt can take you from day to evening.



Weekend Wardrobes The Tee