AW15 Streestyle Recap

As we stand on the precipice of a new wave of trends from New York, London, Paris and Milan, this year's street style has been a particularly strong indicator of upcoming trends.

By Dmitri Ruwan

Photograph by Valentina Fruguiele
Photograph by Valentina Fruguiele

Photographer Valentina Frugiuele was amidst the general hubbub that is haute couture week for MOJEH, catching up with celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma and countless others. In recent years street style has moved past the preconceived notion of trends that have filtered down to the masses and formed a wave of mix and match techniques, thanks to girl bloggers like Chiara Ferragni who’s penchant for pairing ordinary summer frocks with luxury brands like Chanel earned her a million social media followers. And fashion photographers like Tommy Ton, who’s camera lens provided people with a glimpse at fashion off the runway. As designers look to the streets for new found inspiration we wait with baited breath for what the upcoming season will bring both on, and off the runway.

All streetstyle images captured by Valentina Frugiuele during Haute Couture A/W15

Here Come The Girls

As we say ciao to Milan and bonjour to Paris, we salute the stylish women still holding their own during a week dominated by men’s fashion.

Fashion Forward Season Five: Street Style

Fashion Forward Season Five revealed amazing designs on the runway and inspiring style off it.

Our street style photographer was at the Madinat Jumeriah over the weekend capturing some of the best dressed attendees, and with printed bags, statement jewellery and bold spring/summer colours at every turn, it’s easy to see why Dubai is fast becoming the creative hub of the Middle East. 

Style Insider: Selena Gomez

American songstress Selena Gomez has been on our radar for all the right reasons lately. With the help of her stylist Kate Young, Gomez has been spotted in a slew of seriously covetable high fashion looks. From an edgy hot-pink Miu Miu jumpsuit to a chic and sophisticated Victoria Beckham knit dress, we chronicle ten of Selena's best looks from 2017 so far.

Weekend Wardrobes: Brave Fashion

Dmitri Ruwan

July 27th 2017

Statement Accessories

Worried about whether your Miu Miu sunglasses are too big? Try on Gucci’s rectangular-framed acetate sunglasses with pearls or Céline’s Lola shades in dark Havana and you will be astounded by the results. Can’t figure out what to wear when meeting friends for lunch? Throw on boyfriend jeans, a Rosetta Getty top and either one of these statement shades to personify high fashion. 

Weekend Wardrobes Brave Fashion

Print and Embellishment

There’s something special about excess embellishment and prints that instantly elevate any outfit. The artistry of ‘over embellishment’ in fashion is only achieved by very few designers, so make an informed decision. A silk jacket embroidered in miniscule black crystals is more likely to complement the rest of your wardrobe than a multi-print jacket would. Look for block prints such as gold paisley or lilac thread work across damask jackets when heading out for dinner or late night rendezvous. 

Weekend Wardrobes Brave Fashion

Velvet Suits

It might be summer but late night dinners and red carpet events are often the best place to present your unabashed fondness for slick suits. The one component that will up your look further is velvet. The textile appears in a variety of volumes and emboldens all ensembles with a sense of decadence; pair it with the right heels and you’re ready to take over the world. 

Weekend Wardrobes Brave Fashion

Weekend Wardrobes: Dreaming of Denim

Sophie Pasztor

July 20th 2017

Mixed Mastery

This season’s taste making styles are all about the customisation. Opt for mixed mediums that combine patchwork appliqués and embroidered detail and enlist accompanying pieces in clean, subdued palettes to harmonise the overall image.

Weekend Wardrobes Dreaming of Denim

A Sliver of Silver

Jeans are the perfect foundation to any look and with some simple layering they can easily transition from day to night. Metallics work to elevate more casual styles offering a touch of refinement, but remember to keep your palette neutral and your silhouettes sharp. 

Weekend Wardrobes Dreaming of Denim

The Accessories

Denim needn’t be donned only in its most classic context. Branching out to include a wider scope of accessories such as shoes, belts and bags is also incredibly chic. While denim is a fabric that wears well with almost any material, we are particularly partial to seeing it paired alongside cotton, leather and cashmere. Slip into an oversized shirt dress and layer a denim corset belt over the top to accent your figure and complete the look with a cool pair of trainers.

Weekend Wardrobes Dreaming of Denim

Weekend Wardrobes: The Tee

Dmitri Ruwan

July 13th 2017

Shorts & Tees

Pair your favourite T-shirt tucked into vibrant shorts for all your weekend morning errands for the ultimate in carefree chic. Ensure the textile of your shorts varies from the top to elevate the overall look. Cotton shirts will work well with silk high-waisted shorts, whereas denim cut-offs will exude more Farmville and less runway style. A play on textiles guarantees a sense of opulence while keeping the imagery on your tee to a minimal is always best. 

Weekend Wardrobes The Tee

Hip Accessories

Small, cute and casual, the mini-side satchel is an essential for the weekend. In addition to providing you with just the right amount of room for all your summer essentials, the chic design adds an effortless bohemian grace to your ensemble. Metallic gold and silver hardwear complements the simplicity of your T-shirt while the hip accessory itself can work for everything from work to brunch. 

Weekend Wardrobes The Tee

Cool Customer

Exude city slickness with a simple black T-shirt that bears a single slogan or statement brand insignia. The current trend showcases a penchant for retro-inspired designs and customised styles. While the styling of these outfits is solely dependent on the occasion, pairing a chic printed pencil skirt with booties and a tailored Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket with your T-shirt can take you from day to evening.



Weekend Wardrobes The Tee

Weekend Wardrobes: Mesmerising Stripes

Dmitri Ruwan

July 6th 2017

The Trouser

Most would argue that horizontal stripes tend to widen the form however this boils down to the selection of the right garment. Look to trousers with a looser fit, crafted in slightly heavier silk satins or silk cottons and bearing stripes in dark navy or black; keep it simple. Any other colour won’t exude the classic elegance you want to attain with this pattern. 

Weekend Wardrobes Mesmerising Stripes

Choice Accessories

Woven accessories in bold contrasting colours can often bear a striking resemblance to millions of clustered stripes. Look to graphic colour tones such as crimson or emerald interwoven into sturdy, efficient bag styles. If you’re opting for a no-bag look, pair your striped blouson with statement earrings in a block colour tone. 

Weekend Wardrobes Mesmerising Stripes

The Summer Dress

The right style of striped summer dress can instantly elevate your look from casual to cool. Look to the sleek beauty of slimmer stripes that flow vertically along the figure, and have the added advantage of complementing all body types. These dresses should be cut slightly above the ankle, bear cooling details such as hand sewn side slits or an interesting open back and can be paired with statement flats by day and stiletto by night. 

Weekend Wardrobes Mesmerising Stripes

Weekend Wardrobes: Summer Suiting

Dmitri Ruwan

June 29th 2017

Less Is More.

As always, less is more and this applies ten fold to your styling when wearing a summer suit. Look to light colour tones that exude minimalist modernity by both day and night and ensure that the textile is an unlined silk linen or cotton. Pair with your favourite T-shirt or a lightweight top of the same hue. If you’re donning the look for a work meeting ensure your footwear is supremely slick –swap flats for Blahnik’s. 

Weekend Wardrobes Summer Suiting


A suit is a true force of fashion and an all-encompassing statement of strength. Keep your accessory selection complementary and efficient; a statement necklace can be your only adornment while vintage gold chokers and corresponding rings would work well by night. For bags look to sleek shapes such as the new Dior Addict bag in smooth calfskin. 

Weekend Wardrobes Summer Suiting

Work Appropriate.

Sometimes (and hopefully not too often) work meetings are inevitably scheduled for the weekend. Embrace the day with a summer suit that’s only prominent structure comes from a peaked shoulder; as most distinctively seen on Alexander McQueen’s blazers. This shoulder detail exudes both elegance and professionalism – a sense of control. As previously mentioned, a minimalist colour tone will also ensure that your suit will seamlessly transition from day to night and work for all hours in between. 

Adam Lippes autumn winter17 backstage
Adam Lippes autumn/winter17 backstage

What They're Wearing: Men's Fashion Week

With the Men's Fashion Weeks well and truly underway in Europe, we highlight some of the strongest street style looks from London, Milan and Florence and share our tips on how to make them your own.