A St. Tropez Eye Look: Aqua Eyeshadow

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MOJEH gets inspired by the bright blue St. Tropez for a tranquil beauty look. Here’s all you need to know about the vivid aqua eyeshadow


Reflect St. Tropez’ brightly coloured sea on your eyelids for the perfect summer aqua eyeshadow. We’re taking tips from House of Holland’s SS18 runway. Be generous when applying the shadow and spread it across lids from the inner corner all way to the outer eyelid. Use makeup remover and wipe the outer edge of the eyeshadow to give a sharper and neater look. The eyeshadow is a statement on its own, so a natural base on complexion is best; apply a thin and breathable layer of foundation. Next try a peachy toned blush all over the apples of your cheeks, and extend to your temples for a natural sun kissed affect. Use the excess blush on your brush and lightly brush over your nose for a  sunburnt glow. To tame the eyebrows, use a transparent eyebrow gel and brush them upwards. You can also use the brow gel on your lashes for subtle volume. Finish off the look with a barely there lipstick.


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