SIHH 2019 Highlights: Cartier’s Panthère Watch



January 2019

Cartier creates another impossibly stunning version of its timeless Panthère. What’s one more for the vault?

“This is the Cartier panther. Emblematic of the Maison, she is the feline embodiment of free and assertive, elegant and sensual femininity. All yellow gold and diamonds, this creation reinterprets a jewellery theme,” reads Cartier’s press notes. It’s beloved panther emblem first entered the house in 1914 in the form of an abstract motif on a wristwatch. Since then, it’s been reimagined numerous times and has become a sought after symbol for any woman investing in the French Maison. For 2019, the Panthère Watch is rendered in graphic form, with geometric black lacquer spots, taut lines and gem-set curves. The piece is both eloquent and bold, feminine yet ferocious, and both bracelet and watch.

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