Entrepreneur Zeina El-Dana On Mindfulness, Motivation And Her Mantra For 2022

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Entrepreneur and founder of Z7 Communications Zeina El-Dana tells MOJEH the trends she’s loving, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and the mantra she’ll be living by throughout 2022 and beyond.

Describe your personal style…

Elegant and effortless chic, with refined yet relaxed silhouettes.

What are the trends you’ll be investing in in 2022?

This year I want to invest in more natural materials, like organic cottons and lean towards more natural and sustainable fabrics.

Which trends are you leaving in 2021?

I am not leaving much behind me, apart from restricted travel which I am determined to leave in 2021. This year I want to travel more freely and explore the world.

Which brands are on your radar?

I am looking forward to seeing what Bottega Veneta come up with this year and Alaia under new creative direction.  I am also excited to see what Phoebe Philo will come back with. 

Which beauty trend will you be trying?

This year I am really interested in exploring beauty trends like Face Gym and Face Yoga and finding new ways that avoid injections. I am keen to learn more about and to try out natural beauty brands and I would also like to discover more about the cryotherapy beauty trend and to try different products.


Which restaurants will we find you in?

You’ll find me in restaurants that offer authentic cuisines from around the world. I am looking for original and local concepts that are launching in Dubai, like 11 Woodfire which has recently opened. I love finding hidden gems that are home to menus that reveal different culinary heritages. I also love collaborations between chefs that result in the creation of incredible fusion menus that showcase different cuisines in new and interesting ways.

Where is the first place you’ll travel to in 2022?

I spent the first few weeks of 2022 in Costa Rica and had the most wonderful time there. The whole country embraces the idea of Pura Vida, or pure life, which I felt a deep connection towards. People there truly seem to embrace life and live authentic, truthful and peaceful lives, with minimal stress and a big focus on sustainability, preserving nature and community living. I loved every moment of my time there and would love to go back again next year. My next destination will be Mexico in May.

How are you staying healthy – body and mind – in the new year?

Staying healthy starts with the basics: nutrition, exercise and sleep.  I make sure that I am eating a balanced diet; I am naturally drawn to consuming less animal protein, which is a new trend I am slowly embracing in my life.  Next is movement. I make a conscious effort to move more and for me that means getting 10,000 steps in every day and finding sports that are fun. Sleep is very important for my overall well-being so I make sure that I get good quality sleep as much as possible. Mindfulness is another key element when it comes to staying healthy in body and mind and it is really essential to me. I choose to live in the present moment and spend more time in nature, which always helps to keep me grounded.

I am determined to do the things that I really want to do this year, which is another big part of staying healthy. I also want to travel and explore new destinations and try to do things every day that I truly want to do. This year is all about being mindful of my thoughts and actions every single day.

Entrepreneur and Z7 Communications founder Zeina El-Dana


Which cultural events are on your calendar?

EXPO 2020. It is such an amazing cultural event and it’s happening right here in Dubai, so I am planning my next visits to explore different events and other pavilions there very soon.

Which books will you be reading?

I am currently reading Cleanse to Heal by Anthony William.

What lessons from 2021 are you bringing into the new year?

For me, this year is about being present and able to deeply connect to everything that is happening around me. I have been on a personal journey for many years now and I’m happy to bring with me some important lessons that I will continue to live by such as letting go of things that you can’t and don’t need to control, living in the present moment and the importance on focusing on my spiritual path, mental health and well-being.

What’s next for you as a businesswoman and entrepreneur?

I will continue to be involved in the running of Z7 Communications from a strategic perspective in my role of Founder & CEO, but I’m lucky to have an amazing team of super talented employees and I would like to spend my time inspiring and empowering them to achieve their individual career goals, alongside focusing on other passion projects. I’m also due to complete my studies in the Harvard OPM course this year, I’m looking forward to attending the final semester of lectures in Boston and bringing back my learnings to continue to grow the business further throughout the Middle East.

How will you continue to support female entrepreneurs in 2022?

Supporting female entrepreneurs has always been important to me and will continue to be a focus of mine in 2022. I am very proud to lead a team of fantastic women at Z7 and this year I am keen to support them as much as I can. Working with brands and clients that are run and owned by female entrepreneurs is something that has been a source of inspiration for me throughout my career and this year I would like to explore new ways to contribute and support local and regional female young talent.

My advice for women starting a business in 2022…

Follow your intuition and know that every experience that you have adds value to your life. Also – don’t fear failure, we can learn from everything in life if you focus on the journey, not the destination.

My personal goal for 2022 is…

To have more fun! The last couple of years have been hard for all of us in so many different ways, so this year I want to focus on having fun, dancing more and saying yes to new experiences.

My entrepreneurial goal for 2022 is…

Aside from expanding my business further across the Middle East, a personal goal for me is to inspire others and throughout 2022 I would like to continue to find new ways to do this such as through speaking opportunities and mentoring young talent.

My mantra for 2022 is…

Pura Vida! As mentioned previously, I recently travelled to Costa Rica, I had a wonderful experience and discovered the phrase ‘Pura Vida’. Simply translated it means ‘pure life’ or ‘simple life’ and in Costa Rica it is more than just a saying, it really is a way of life. Everyone there embraces the beauty of nature and living a simple and pure life, and this is something that I would love to instil more into my day-to-day life in Dubai. Follow Zeina El-Dana on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her latest projects

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