Jewellers of the Region

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As the international fashion circuit continues to widen its spectrum, newer and finer designer labels are surfacing across the globe, each offering a newfound understanding of the various market niches in this multi-billion dollar industry. We look to three statement accessory designers to don for the weekend.

By Dmitri Ruwan 

Leyal Abdollahi autumn/winter 15, courtsey of Leylah Abdollahi

Leyal Abdollahi autumn/winter 15, courtsey of Leylah Abdollahi

Bil Arabi
The many facets of contemporary Arabian lifestyle, Nadine Kanzo is the Beirut-born and Dubai dwelling designer behind the modernist jewellery brand Bil Arabi, that began with the creation of a single ring. Combining her love for the intricacy of Arabic calligraphy with her innate sense of culture and style, Nadine melds 24-karat gold in rose, white and silver with semi precious stones to create subtle but nevertheless powerful pieces for the modern woman. Her new Shine collection aims to capture the endless beauty of the night sky.


Bold, powerful and visually intriguing Madiso is the brainchild of Pakistani designer Madiha Muzaffar who currently resides in Dubai. With over 12 years of experience in the arts Madiha brings a unique combination of strength outlined in delicacy to her pieces. Each boasts a unique arrangement of carefully sourced crystals, pearls, mesh and semi precious stones hand embroidered on silk. Her new collection features statement pieces, which utilise ornate crystals in deep shades of burgundy, patchouli and coal.


Leyla Abdollahi
Nominated for UK Designer of the Year 2012 and winning the Lonmin Design Innovation Award for the second year Leyla Abdollahi doesn’t just create jewellery. In her own words she “creates pieces for collectors who want something beautiful to enjoy and treasure”. Her combined upbringing of Eastern and Western influences and abundance of inspirations that particularly reference mythology, history and nature give Leyla Abdollahi a unique edge. Her new collection focuses on futuristic blooms with deep shades of amethyst, ruby and cerulean ignited by diamonds.