Natasha Oakley Talks Beauty and Bikinis

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Maintaining a healthy body is all in a day’s work for A Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear co-founder Natasha Oakley. chats with the Australian beauty to find out what it takes to look and feel great on the beach.

What’s your go-to beach look?

I love a natural beachy hairstyle. I’ll wash my hair and keep it up in a bun for an hour and then let it down and spray some beach spray or dry shampoo to create some volume.

What about your skincare regime?

I exfoliate once a week and moisturise my whole body twice a day – drinking a lot of water is also very important to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. I use Kiehl’s lightweight cream for my face, Cetaphil face wash and moisturiser and Burt’s Bees lip balm.

How can we recreate your natural beauty look?

I start with a tinted SPF moisturizer, then add a slight bronzer on my cheeks for contouring. I use mascara on just my outer eyelashes – not on all of them – and a tinted lip balm.

What makes you feel confident?

My confidence comes from my healthy, balanced lifestyle – when I’m working hard, eating right, and feeling happy I feel confident with myself!

Images courtesy of Natasha Oakley

How do you stay bikini-ready on your travels?

A normal day for me will start with a fresh juice or smoothie, granola yoghurt and berries, a salad for lunch and fish or meat with vegetables for dinner. I will work-out a minimum of four times a week. My routine changes depending on where I am in the world; in Sydney I run my favourite coastal path from Bronte to Bondi; in LA I love to hike; in Bali I do yoga and in Paris I usually end up in a gym.

What does living a ‘healthy lifestyle’ mean to you?

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. You can have your cake and eat it too – it’s just a matter of proportion. I also think keeping a positive mind and outlook on life is extremely important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do you tackle jet lag and the effects that flying has on your skin?

I have mastered the art of travel at this stage. I stay awake and go to sleep in my destination around 9pm (my normal bedtime) and make sure to hydrate a lot on the plane and moisturise before and after flights. 

How do your travels inspire you?

They inspire every part of my life – style, creativity and even my designs for Monday Swimwear. I think travel is the most valuable thing in life. 

Where will you be heading this summer?

Greece and Thailand!