Lebanese Designer Mira Mikati Teams Up With Japanese Artist Mr.



April 2019

Mira Mikati
Mira Mikati with Mr.

Everything you need to know about the new and colourful collaboration…

Lebanese designer Mira Mikati is synonymous with bright and colourful silhouettes, and it came as no surprise that she decided to collaborate with an artist on a capsule collection. Teaming up with Japanese artist, Mr. on an 11-piece collection, you can expect a collection injected with heavy Asian influences, fun prints aplenty and a popping rainbow palette.

MOJEH spoke to the Middle Eastern designer about the collaboration. See what Mikati had to say here…

You’re a designer, what drew you to an art collaboration?

Art has always inspired my collections. Before Mr. I had collaborated with New York artists Kaws, Darcel and Jack Pierson. I feel it’s a natural collaboration between two similar worlds that I love.

How did it all happen?

I fell in love with Mr.’s art in 2003 and went to Tokyo in 2009 to visit his studio. I didn’t have my own collection back then but was hoping to collaborate with Mr. somehow, someday.

Why Mr.?

Because it’s colourful, kawaii (a Japanese term for cute), happy, and makes me dream of my favourite city, Tokyo.

What does art mean to you?

It’s a way of telling a story, that each person can read in their own way. A way of dreaming, and of being transported somewhere else.

Your favourite piece from the collection?

A painting with my two eldest kids. I’ve had a third one since,and feel now I need a part two,with my three kids.

Your favourite piece from Mr.’s exhibition?

Sara. The head of a girl with rainbow hair and a lot of wild dreams in her eyes.

The collection will be available on Miramikati.com from June, 2019. 

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