Louis Vuitton’s New Face Shield Puts A Luxury Spin On PPE

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LV Shield

Face masks have become the unforeseen, must-have accessory of 2020 — with function pushing fashion aside. As the necessary mask has become apart of our day-to-day, designers have looked for creative ways to reinvent the face covering, whilst ensuring that protection is still the focus. The latest luxury brand to take the face mask to the next level…Louis Vuitton. 

With travel at the core of Louis Vuitton’s brand, it is not surprising that the label wanted to create a practical, yet stylish headpiece that would keep fashion-savvy, frequent fliers safe. Entitled the LV Shield, the new protective visor features an elasticated strap that sit comfortably around your head. Engraved with the house’s name and finished with studs that can also be spotted across signature Louis Vuitton trunks, the headpiece offers a statement, monogram-trimmed accessory that is just as practical as it is cool. 

LV Shield

LV Shield, Louis Vuitton

Designed to take you from dawn to dusk, the shield is also light-sensitive and transitions from clear to dark at the first sign of direct sunlight, further shielding the face from the mild rays. And, the LV Shield doubles up as a classic peaked cap when worn in the upwards position.

As fashion continues to adapt in the wake of the pandemic, the shield is a sign of the times and represents a necessity that has been elevated in luxury. Time to cast aside your disposable mask and invest in this versatile visor. The LV Shield will be available from October 30 in selected Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. 

Photography by Joan Braun

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