Logomania Bag Trends for First Timers

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Here’s how you can go logo-crazy without leaving your comfort zone

Whether it be a classic print, or a large logo, the logomania bag trend can be quite intimidating; however, with these options, you’ll be on top of things with total confidence. Gucci and Valentino added a quirky twist to the label trend by misspelling their own brand name to “Guccy” and “VLTN”. These bags will definitely turn heads and spark conversations. Balenciaga and J.W.Anderson kept it simple with easy on the eye logo prints. Chanel, Off-White and Loewe on the other hand placed their logo front and centre in the most subtle way possible. This season, LV, Dior and Fendi brought back their standard prints on new bag designs; opt for one of these to tackle two trends at once, but still keep it low-key.

Word On The Street: Logomania