#NeverForget: Lebanese Creatives Reflect One Year After The Beirut Explosion

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Designers and celebrities reflect on the Beirut, Lebanon explosion one year later

Lebanese designers and celebrities took to social media to ensure the world continues to talk about Beirut one year after the devastating explosion

It has been one year since the catastrophic blast that took place in Beirut, Lebanon on one of the busiest ports in the Eastern Mediterranean; an event that claimed lives and homes, leaving the city’s devastated residents to pick up the pieces. A testament to the resilience and spirit of Beirut’s citizens, they came together to rebuild communities, help those in need and share messages of hope. A year on, Lebanese celebrities, designers and influencers are once again sharing messages of hope to those struggling with the aftermath of the tragedy, demonstrating that although time has passed, the world will never forget about the events of 4 August 2020 and will continue to campaign for justice.

Couturier Zuhair Murad shared “A year after the tragedy that shook an entire city, broke families apart and shattered innumerable dreams, our thoughts are with Beirut.” Karen Wazen, whose sister Andrea’s atelier was destroyed in the blast, wrote “The heart of every Lebanese is still broken. I ask you please to remember the families of the victims of the explosion in your prayers… we will never give up on seeking justice!”. Designer Sandra Mansour also shared an emotional message on social media, saying “To victims, may your souls rest in peace.⁣ To survivors, may your hearts continue to heal.⁣ To Beirut, may you be born again.”

Zuhair Murad

Karen Wazen

Tony Ward


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Jessica Kahawaty

Charbel Zoe



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Lana El Sahely

Nancy Ajram


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Sandra Mansour

Rabih Kayrouz

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nathalie Fanj

L’Atelier Nawbar

Nadine Labaki


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Haifa Wehbe


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MOJEH extends our condolences to everyone affected.

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