Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini

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Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini

Why did you decide to launch For Restless Sleepers?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always come home from school or work and gotten changed straight into my pyjamas. As an adult I started experimenting with silk and heavier cotton to see if I could recreate the comfort of pyjamas for daywear. In the beginning I only wore these in the summer, but it was really comfortable living in pyjamas, so I started to create them to wear all year round. The comments and compliments I got when people saw me encouraged me to start my business. I realised there was a demand for comfortable, yet elegant clothes made from quality fabrics. I was born in Como and still live there for six months of the year – it’s famous for its silk, so I started to combine my designs with Como silks. My first collection took people by surprise and I didn’t sell a lot, but I was lucky to attract some super nice and powerful buyers such as Bergdorfs, Net-A-Porter and My Theresa which gave me global visibility - people decided to try them out and here I am. 

Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini

How should we style pyjamas for daywear?

With a T-shirt underneath, the shirt open and sneakers. You can break up the look too, by wearing the printed trousers with a plain top.


How should we style pyjamas for a cocktail or red carpet look?

I strongly recommend getting a nice up-do so it doesn’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Then I suggest jewellery such as bracelets, rings and super elegant shoes – heels or a very dressy pair of flats.


What’s the key to pulling off pyjama dressing?

The real key is your personality and attitude. You have to be confident in the way you look while wearing them and find a pair that suits your own personal taste.


Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini

Tell us about your autumn/winter17 collection, what were your key inspirations and reference points?

I didn’t have a real mood board, instead I started with fabrics and went through my personal library which has thousands of books. When you visit the suppliers and factories where I produce my silks, they have a lot of old antiques on display which allows you to see the history and the story behind these places. From there it was mainly designs and patterns that I really loved and tied together in colour groups.


Where do you seek inspiration for from your designs?

I love to travel and when I do I’m always attracted to the national dress of countries. I collect them to remember the culture, the colours and the patterns.


Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini

Pyjama dressing first emerged in the 1930s, is there a historical woman that has worn pyjamas that inspires you?

The one that I really love is Jacqueline Kennedy.


Why is pyjama dressing a big trend at the moment ?

I think it’s definitely the comfort factor.


What do you think women want from your clothing?

First of all they want pieces that will last for years and years – not just a season. Pieces that they can take everywhere and wear easily - it’s about usefulness and practicality – pieces that can go from day to night with just a little bit of styling.


What does 2018 hold for you?

I’m launching an online store next year and want to include a bespoke service on my site.


Five Minutes With Francesca Ruffini