How To Wear This Season’s Coolest Colour Pairing Like Saufeeya Goodson

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Saufeeya Goodson during London Fashion Week @feeeeya

What’s pink and red all over? Our new favourite colour combo

One half of the Instagram account Hijab Fashion (which has over 2.7 million followers), Saufeeya Goodson grew up in North Carolina, but now lives in Dubai where she’s become a voice for modest, fashion-conscious women. During London Fashion Week, the influencer stepped out in a pink skirt and blazer, which she teamed with a red long sleeve top and Prada flame heels. Once considered a fashion faux pas, pink and red have become one of the season’s coolest colour pairings. Here’s a few tips on how to wear the bold hues together.

Start with accessories
The easiest and must subtle way to ease yourself into the pink and red trend is to start with accessories. Try mixing and matching sunglasses, bags, shoes or even jewellery. A pair of red heels with a fuchsia clutch makes for an edgy, fashion-forward look.

Be obvious
The key to pulling this trend off with success is making sure it’s evident that the colour combo was intentional. You don’t want to look as though you accidentally wore the shades together.

Saufeeya Goodson sitting from row during London Fashion Week SS19 @feeeeya

Add a dark neutral
A dark neutral, like black or navy, will help incorporate the two hues together and allow the eye to focus on the colour combo. For instance, you could try a black pair of trousers with a red jacket and a pink shirt.

Steer clear of prints
For a seriously chic look, avoid pink and red prints and instead opt for contrasting textures to create a bold statement. A pink silk blouse worn with a pair of structured trousers or red jeans will always be a winner.

Go for something pre-mixed
If you’re unsure of how to incorporate the shades, try looking for pieces that have already done the hard work for you. Jumpsuits and dresses that are already colour-blocked are great options.

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  • Words by Gracie Stewart