Henna Artist Dr. Azra Khamissa Releases Her First Book

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Launching just in time for Eid Al Adha, Dr Azra Khamissa’s new book offers an insider’s glimpse into the world of henna art

Dubai-based chiropractor, designer and henna artist Dr Azra Khamissa keeps finding new ways to use henna. From applying the ancient herbal paste on to the palms of women, to launching her own formulas of both hand and nail henna, in addition to creating stencil kits for enthusiasts to use at home, the Dubai-based creative continues to make the artform she excels in more accessible for others. Her latest release is a hardcover book called The Henna Archive, which is a step-by-step guide to replicating 30 different designs. “This book was three years in the making,” Dr Azra tells MOJEH. “I love that I got to highlight different cultures and different styles, as well as this new modern wave of henna.”

Dr Azra’s The Henna Archive is the ideal gift for all your henna-loving family and friends.

The unofficial henna season is upon us with this month’s Eid Al Adha festivities, making it the optimal time for the book’s launch. Alongside detailed illustrations and striking photography, Azra’s personal anecdotes and expert advice are woven into the pages, which chronicle the rich history of henna as well as its present usages and trends. Designs native to Libya, Algeria, Morocco and the UAE are featured in addition to 20 innovative looks that Azra has conceptualised herself — such as checkerboard patterns, leopard prints, romantic bows, palm trees and polka-dot-covered palms that have gone viral on social media and have inspired countless fellow artists around the world. She has even created a Palestine-themed stencil pack, in addition to using her own palms to promote messages of solidarity during the ongoing crisis. Shop now

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  • Words by Hafsa Lodi