Happy Hearts: Chopard Unveil New Pendants



October 2019

Happy Hearts, CHOPARD

Over the past few years, the heart has become a signature of Chopard jewellery. The Happy Hearts collection has become an iconic series sparkling with diamonds and sentiment. Now, the jewellery line welcomes two new pendants just in time for party season.

Set in 18-carat rose or white gold, the necklace features mother-of-pearl, malachite or diamond-pavé hearts gracefully assembled into a bouquet-shape pendant.

Emblematic of the House, the charming hearts vary in size and style, but when clustered together they create a statement sparkle to fall across the neckline.

The fresh pieces are colourful talismans for the Chopard woman – made for both the cocktail party and chic everyday attire. Whether you want to elevate your ensemble or add glamour to your look, the Happy Hearts necklace is sure to add a sophisticated shine.

The artisans of the Chopard craft have also designed new 18-carat rose or white gold earrings with two hearts assembled in an elegant pas de deux.

Happy Hearts earrings in rose gold with diamonds and red stone, CHOPARD

Connected by a gold rod hidden subtly behind the ear, the earpiece creates a romantic allusion of flying. The first heart sits on the earlobe, whilst the second rests beneath in a playful arrangement. The hearts complement each other, especially when set in diamonds, mother-of-pearl, onyx, malachite or bold red stone.

Happy Hearts earrings, CHOPARD

Just like the pendants, the two-in-one new earrings sum up the spirit of the collection: precious yet light, versatile yet faithful to its style, colourful yet also discreet.

To see more of the Happy Hearts collection, visit the Chopard boutique in The Dubai Mall; +971 4 339 8333

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