Five Minutes With Iranian Accessories Designer Noorarash Charlie

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Sermeh-style embroidered clutch bags, NOORARASH

Despite graduating with a law degree, Noorarash Charlie has always been fascinated by art. Drawn to both theatre and fashion, the Los Angeles-born designer moved to Dubai in 2013 to learn his craft and launch his own accessories line: Noorarash.

Starting with embellished bow ties, the collection has grown into a range of bespoke chokers, bags and jewellery, which will be showcased at Fashion Forward Dubai 2019 in the AASSTTIINN booth; a multi-brand online platform dedicated to Iranian designers and lifestyle.

What inspired your latest line of accessories which will debut at FFWD?
I moved to Shiraz in Iran in 1995 to learn about my heritage and the rich Persian culture, which has impacted my design process ever since. Full of colour and history, I am always inspired by the city’s ancient places, the gardens and the art. They filter through to my work.

Noorarash Charlie

Feathered choker, NOORARASH

Tell us about the collection?
We are doing a new line of bow ties and chokers with precious stones, feathers, velvet and leather. The pieces have hand-crafted sermeh embroidery, a Persian tradition that is being forgotten — but it is special art that I don’t want to lose. We’re really excited to show this line for FFWD.

How did the label come to be?
That’s a funny story, I was going to my cousins wedding and we all had to wear sherwanis (Indian/Pakistan) traditional clothes and I really wanted to wear a bow tie or a tie with the same beautiful colours and embroidery as the sherwanis. I couldn’t find anything so I said I’d make it myself!

Noorarash Charlie

Embellished clutch bags, NOORARASH

Describe an average work day for you?
My life is hectic, I split my time between acting and designing. Any time I’m not at a rehearsal I’m working on my craft at home in Tehran, where people are coming and going all-day long to help with the design and craft process from sewing to fabric samples.

What is your earliest memory of being inspired to work in fashion?
I use to live in LA when I was young, my mum took some sewing classes there and I remember we went to a fashion show when I was 6 or 7. I was mesmerised by the clothes, the models, the catwalk and the music, from that moment I knew I was going to do something in fashion.

Noorarash Charlie

Embellished choker, NOORARASH

Why did you choose to design accessories?
I’m always looking for something unique and fresh. On the other hand I was always in love with the traditional Persian sermeh embroidery, so I was looking for a way to use it.

Which of your design do you love the most?
Personally I love the coin bow tie, any time I wear it I feel very powerful and sharp.


Feather and jewel embellished bow tie, NOORARASH

Describe your personal style?
I was like to dress up — better to be overdressed than under dressed, right? I love a mixture of labels like COS, Zara, Armani and Tom Ford.

What is the last thing you purchased?
A handmade jacket from my friends beautiful line called Laye.

Designer Noorarash Charlie

Who do you think has great style?
In the Iranian cinema lately Navid Mohammadzadeh has a great style and in the international level Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and David Beckham.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
To have won an Oscar and have a few boutiques around the world, whilst raising a family.

Noorarash Charlie’s accessories will be available at Fashion Forward Dubai in’s booth until November 2

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