Five Minutes With Midnight 00’s Ada Kokosar

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Midnight 00
Ada Kokosar wears Midnight 00 during a trip to the Dubai desert

Here’s what you need to know about the stylist-turned-shoe designer’s label, Midnight 00…

Cinderella meets Marie Antoinette, wrapped up in PVC and party-proofed – key elements to Ada Kokosar’s design aesthetic. For her footwear label, Midnight 00, Kokosar created a selection of statement styles that are adorned with pleated silks and crystal embroidery.

How to wear them you ask? The bright hues, transparent finishing and street style-worthy pieces will add an irreverent touch to your everyday line-up. So, basically anything.

Why Midnight 00?

It’s all about the fairy tale. Like as a child, when your mum tells you a fairy tale before you sleep and you enter this magical world. Then on the other side, midnight is a time at a party where you lose yourself and are free to express whatever you want.

How did it all start?

I walked into my closet and picked up a pair of pumps,cut a pink blouse and started to drape the fabric around the shoe with tape.I added some crystal earrings, and I was like, this is beautiful. But it was all too fragile, so I swapped to PVC and it started to look like something unbelievable. That right there was the first prototype for Midnight 00.

Why heels?

Heels are all about strength and fragility. On one hand, you feel strong because you have a sense of power and sensuality because you’re so tall, and then on the other hand you’re delicate, because you’re not super stable. It’s a beautiful combination.

Midnight 00

Ada Kokosar wears Midnight 00 during a trip to the Dubai desert

What makes Midnight 00 different?

The fact the shoes are wrapped in PVC means they’ll never get damaged. I’m hoping people will see them as a pearl, something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Your shoes are…

Magical. When you wear them, something happens. It’s a fact, because I feel it myself and the ladies that wear them write to me and tell me they also feel it.

What is your first shoe memory?

A pair of boots from Alexander McQueen. They had super pointy toes with a big heel. I wore them only once.

Three shoe staples every woman should own?

A pump, a boot and loafers. And a pair of Midnights, of course!

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Midnight 00 is now available at Level Shoes in The Dubai Mall and on

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