Five Minutes With Greta Constantine



March 2019

Greta Constantine
Greta Constantine

The Toronto-based designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wongor talk stretch jersey and Meghan Markle

We started at the beginning of a recession and we’d read an article where Karl Lagerfeld said that recessions are good because they weed out a lot – if you’re able to survive one it means you’ve got something. 12 years and we’re still here!

Greta Constantine is a fictitious name. Constantine is Kirk’s grandfather’s name and Greta is Stephen’s mother’s name.

We use stretch jersey. We love that fabric. I think people really appreciate a bit of stretch – it’s a comfort thing but it also moulds to the body quite well. The fabric that we use, microfibre, we call the Holy Grail of fabrics. You can get soft draping, fluid draping, but you can also get structure. It’s an activewear fabric. Like neoprene.

We love colour because it’s so joyful. People are much more accepting of colour now. It’s a great way to standout. It’s places like this, the Middle East, that we started to think about colour because we live in a coat country (Toronto).

We love a modest silhouette. A silhouette speaks volumes. We like to make use of beautiful forms and silhouettes.

Meghan Markle is one of the top women we’ve dressed. It’s great to be associated with her, especially now. We actually had a friendship with her before all this fame. Every day we get hits about this one skirt we made for her. We’ve had the most media longevity with this one skirt than we have with any other celebrity we’ve dressed.

Browse through some of Greta Constantine’s pieces here…

Greta Constantine is available at Etoile “La boutique” in Mall of the Emirates

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