June 2022 Editor’s Letter: The Glow Up

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June 2022 Editor's Letter: The Glow Up

“Use the month of June as a transitional time; a moment to wind down before the real wind down of July and August begins,” advises Editor in Chief Mojeh Izadpanah in the June 2022 editor’s letter

There is a classic quote by the Persian poet Saadi which says: “Of journeying the benefits are many: the freshness it bringeth to the heart, the seeing and hearing of marvellous things, the delight of beholding new cities, the meeting of unknown friends, and the learning of high manners.”

Buccellati jewels adorn the cover of MOJEH June 2022

It’s easy to become stuck in a routine: head down, survival mode on, merely pushing through yet another busy day and forgetting that there’s a whole world out there waiting to capture our hearts and minds. But if you’re anything like me, the starting line of your summer travels will look something like this: Friday evening 5pm, phone down, bags hastily packed, out the door and to the airport, touch down in an exotic destination with every intention of kicking back, switching off and living in the moment. The reality? That swift and frenzied move from everyday life to holiday mode means that anxiety levels are at an all-time high, unfinished business is causing adrenaline to pump, and the soul destroying, heartbreaking fact remains that your ‘holiday’ is spent merely feigning a good time.

A Kiss To The Night showcases the best of new-season accessories

Instead, use the month of June as a transitional time; a moment to wind down before the real wind down of July and August begins. Book that spa day (or week), get back on track with your workout routine — for the sake of mental clarity and not in stressful pursuit of a ‘bikini body’ — and take a slow approach to cherry-picking your holiday pieces. In Making Moves we present a retreat-worthy wardrobe while A Kiss to the Night breaks down this month’s best accessories in a flurry of fiery, sun-kissed shades. Shape Shifter has your travel style locked down, while in health and beauty we get back to basics with pre-summer exfoliation, a focus on all the small things that get forgotten, and much more.

Editor’s Highlights

Hedi Slimane’s own four-legged friend Elvis stars in the campaign for Celine’s pet range, where leads, toys, food and bags (even those for you know what) come adorned in the House’s Triomphe logo.

Editor’s Picks

Summer means escaping the scorching desert heat in favour of (slightly) cooler climes where you’ll find me in airy linens, chic cover-ups and playful accessories to wear poolside

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