Farfetch Highlights Arab Personalities Currently Shaping The Region’s Cultural Landscape



April 2019


Farfetch celebrates talent from the region in their new campaign, Get Together…

In March, one of fashion’s leading e-commerce platforms launched an initiative to further explore the world of fashion. Titled Farfetch Communities, the celebration was curated by a global community of tastemakers.

Now, the it fashion destination are putting the spotlight on the region.

Following in the footsteps of Farfetch Communities, personalities from the region that are currently shaping the Middle East’s cultural landscape are the stars behind Get Together.

A campaign set to highlight the modern interpretations of modest dressing, Get Together features a slew of different names that make up Farfetch’s Middle East community.

Captured through the lens of Lebanese-Sudanese director, Dana Boulous, the idea is to underline the experiences of youth culture. Plus, to celebrate the talent of the region.

The stars of the campaign include the regionally-respected jewellery designer, Nadine Kanso, and Tunisian model, Ameni Esseibi, known for celebrating body positivity. As well,  Algerian hijabi model, Feriel Moulaï, is captured in front of the lens, too.

Browse through Farfetch’s Get Together campaign here…

We couldn’t be more proud…

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  • Words by Meeran Mekkaoui
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