Fall For The Turtleneck

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The turtleneck has shaken off its stuffy connotations and embraced a modern makeover. 

By Susan Devaney

Photographed by Valentina Fruguiele

Photographed by Valentina Fruguiele

It has endured a bad wrap over recent years. Synonymous with Hollywood blockbusters and their villains, or Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs and his techno geek chic ensemble, the black turtleneck has long been abandoned as a fashion staple, until now. Gracing the runway for a/w15 designers have propelled the jumper once loved by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe into the spotlight.  

3.1 Philip Lim | Celine | Derek Lam | J. W. Anderson

But it’s no longer only painted black. It has been treated with care, convenience and comfort in an array of shades. From Derek Lam and J. W. Anderson to Céline, today’s designers have reinvented it: the neck has been elongated, details have been exaggerated (peplum sleeves, anyone?) and a never-ending colour palette has been embraced. Follow in the footsteps of said designers and use it as a layering tool. Whether you wear it underneath a sleeveless dress or pair it on top of a classic shirt, make a quiet but bold style statement. Or look to savvy street style stars who’ve turned to the Seventies in wearing dark brown with a pair of frayed flares. 

From London to New York, street style during s/s16