April 2021 Editor’s Letter: The Affection Issue

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Affection. A word that can be used to describe a fondness towards others, and, just as important, if not more so, an affection towards oneself. In that vein and in the spirit of Ramadan, I encourage you to view this month as a time to reset, reflect and shower yourself and those around you with the time and devotion that the turbulence of the past year may well have snatched away.

In Are You Okay? we explore what empathy means today and why it’s now more important than ever to hone in on the trait for the sake of yourself and others (be it family or strangers). It may not be an aptitude that comes naturally to all – typecasting wrongly suggests that it’s a ‘woman’s gift’ – but research proves it has little to do with gender or genetics, and is instead learned. “It’s actually a skill we can all hone and refine. We can choose to empathise. We can learn to empathise,” suggests Mimi Nicklin, an expert in the field. Similarly, in The Great Work From Home Divide, we debate the potential career impact of choosing to stay home while others return to the office. How can you remain relevant from behind a computer screen, or, as leaders, how can we ensure each and every voice is still heard? Elsewhere, as we continue to witness legal reforms that have adapted to the evolving lifestyles of women in the Middle East, Serving The Sisterhood celebrates the rise in female activism across the Muslim world – an inspirational crusade, to say the least.

Editor's Letter

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Through fashion we explore the styles, trends and launches that are perfect for both the Holy Month and the imminent Eid celebrations. Effortlessly blending the modest traditions of the East with the joyous playfulness of the West, this month’s offering is a masterclass in dreamy dressing, from a fondness for feathers to legendary wardrobe staples such as tweed two pieces and sumptuous kaftans. Why not take your reimagined wardrobe and head to one of the city’s iftars-with-a-twist, or better yet, pack a suitcase and plump for one of our cherry-picked escapes. After all, affection towards oneself ought to start with self-care. – Editor-in-Chief Mojeh Izadpanah

Editor’s Highlights

Editor's Letter: The Affection Issue

In celebration of the iconic fragrance’s centennial year, a new episode of Inside CHANEL looks back over 100 years of its celebrity. Expect to be dazzled all over again. Watch now on Inside.Chanel.com

Her Dior by Maria Grazia Chiuri

Entitled Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri’s New Voice, this coffee-table delight celebrates 33 female photographers and their awe-inspiring images for Dior. One to be both perused and cherished. Out now

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In a month that celebrates both Ramadan and springtime, opt for modest cuts with a light dusting of pastel and prints. I’ll be focusing on pieces that work that bit harder as I go straight from the office to iftar…

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