Dior Unveils Its Magical Rose Des Vents Collection for 2020

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Inspired by Monsier Dior’s lucky star, the 2020 reinterpretation of Dior Joaillerie’s Rose des Vents collection takes us to a whimsical new world

In time of crisis, many would think grandeur to be out the window. However in a feat of creativity, many fashion houses have managed to create a truly spectacular fine jewellery collection that are sure to turn heads – Dior’s latest Rose des Vents collection is a prime example.

The Rose des Vents collection was born in Granville in 2015 in the villa where Christian Dior spent his childhood, and the house has been drip-feeding a steady supply of new designs ever since. For this season, Dior’s creative director of fine jewellery Victoire de Castellane has once again reimagined Monseiur Dior’s lucky star as a wind rose. The result? A delicate collection of earrings, bracelets rings, necklaces and choker that pay tribute to the history of Dior and its founder, merging the star with his favourite flower, the rose.

“I wanted to start from the idea of a little motif pendant, and what is more metaphorical than a medallion?” asks the creative director. And so, the delicate eight-pointed star comes cast in either white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, with a twist of grains that encircle the medallion, turning to switch between the hard stone and wind stone side.

The celestial theme also continues for 2020, with a melting pot of precious stones creating a whimsical display of colour. Think mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, turquoise, pink opal and onyx, all pieces are designed to be worn one of two ways, allowing the wearer can flip between different surfaces and styles as they see fit.

When it comes to styling, be it stacked, layered or simply worn alone like the star of the show, the Rose Des Vents choker in yellow, rose and white gold, diamonds and an array of ornamental stones, each piece is perfect to create a carefully-curated combination of delicate jewels and a much-treasured addition to any winter fine jewellery box.

The making of Dior's Rose des Vents

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