Dior Stages Its First Show In Scotland Since 1955

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Dior Cruise Finale Women Walking garden Scotland
Image courtesy of Adrien Dirand for Dior

Dior Show Scotland 2025. Dior Cruise 2025 Scotland.

Dior Cruise 2025 Woman Tartan Dress Garden Scotland

Opening look of Dior Cruise 2025.

Set against the splendour of Drummond Castle’s gardens in Scotland, the Dior Cruise 2025 collection envisioned by Maria Grazia Chiuri unfolded as a splendid journey marked by rich discoveries, imaginative narratives, and deep reflections. This collection masterfully intertwined the storied legacy of Dior with the romantic and tumultuous history of Scotland. Dior Show Scotland

The last time the brand presented a runway show in Scotland dates back to 1955, when Christian Dior himself hosted a fashion show at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire and another at Central Hotel in Glasgow.

Dior Cruise Scotland 2025: A 1955 Legacy Revisited

ior Cruise 2025 Scotland

Prior to the show, Chiuri expressed her intent to revisit Scottish references in fashion, aiming to move beyond the typical punk interpretations. Instead, she celebrated Scotland’s deep textile heritage and its ancient crafts, particularly, the narrative of Mary Stuart. Chiuri explored themes of power and expression through the intricate language of needlework, presenting traditional Scottish textiles like tartan, cashmere, tweed, and Argyle in a refreshed, contemporary manner. The Argyle cut-out jumpers are sure to become bestsellers. Dior Cruise 2025 Scotland.

The designer felt inspired not only by Scotland’s history but also a charity fashion show conducted by Monsieur Dior in the 1950s post-war Scotland. More than the show itself Chiuri was drawn to the candid moments that followed—models interacting freely with locals, a vivid clash of couture with the casual that breathed life into this collection.

Exclusive Collaborations: Scottish Artisans Meet Dior’s Legacy

Continuing her tradition of integrating local artisanship, similar to her previous resort shows in Mexico, Spain and Morocco, Chiuri collaborated with Scottish designers and artisans. This included tweeds and cashmere from Johnstons of Elgin, knitwear from Esk Cashmere, and traditional headwear from Robert Mackie and Harris Tweed.

DIOR_CRUISE woman tartan outfit

Dior Cruise 2025 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dior Cruise 2025 Scotland.

A notable collaboration was with Samantha McCoach, a young Scottish designer from Le Kilt, whose involvement brought a youthful and street-smart edge to the collection.

The collection featured wool dresses of various lengths paired with jackets and coats that borrowed from masculine tailoring, incorporating iconic fabrics and precise cuts. The iconic Dior bar jackets were reimagined in heathery plaid shawls, while the collection also showcased robust corsets and armour-inspired pieces. Evening wear dazzled with black Jacobean velvet and intricate embroidery, with a standout dress featuring white lace that gracefully framed the neck and chest.

The final touches of the collection highlighted the Scottish influence with subtle yet powerful accessorising—pearls hung from leather chokers, and the tough edge of studded and quilted leather crossbody bags and casually unzipped biker boots contrasted with the refined garments.

Chiuri’s latest offering for Dior was a poetic dance through time, merging past with present and hinting at the future.


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