Designer Interview: Amato Luxe

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When Amato launched their first collection back in 2002 here in the UAE, style-savvy luxury connoisseurs scrambled for a first look at the region’s latest talent. Fast forward to 2018, and the brand’s much-awarded creative designer Furne One is continuing to break the glass ceiling with thought-provoking and eccentric designs that manage to strike the ever-difficult fine balance between innovation and timelessness. MOJEH speaks to Furne about the brand’s spring/summer18 collection, which has been aptly named Amato Luxe, as well as the brand’s ongoing future.

Spring/summer18, AMATO

What inspired you when designing the spring/summer18 collection, Amato Luxe?
On the surface, I wanted to highlight the reality of how humanity has abused our seas and oceans. But underneath it all, I was inspired by a certain piece by the 13th Century poet, Rumi – ‘You have seen my descent, now watch my rising’. In this life, we’re all floating in the ocean. We can rise to the surface and sometimes sink to the deepest depths. It is up to us to choose to either float along wherever the waves take us or fight the current.

What’s your favourite piece from the Amato Luxe collection?
The finale look from my spring/summer18 show. I wanted to create artistic, impactful and dramatic – a signature Amato show-stopping finale ensemble. The model was covered in black paint and glitter. She is meant to look like she was covered in oil while the dress was shaped like the black liquid spattering.

Tell us about your own personal style.
Personally, my style is very simple, clean and classic. For my creations, I aim to create dresses that are dramatic and opulent.

What are the most cherished pieces in your wardrobe?
Probably my collection of designer shoes and bags.

Tell us about your average day.
In the morning, I play with my pet, Duchess, and then I get ready for work. I have my coffee in the office, check emails and have brief meetings with my team. After that, the day just rolls on.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned to date?
I will always remember what Josie Natori (the New York-based designer) said to me, ‘Always be responsible in everything you do’. That really stuck to me. I was young when I started working for her in New York and she just helped open my eyes to the business of fashion.

Who do you envision wearing your designs?
My collections aren’t for the faint-hearted, but for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin; her ensembles are but a foil to reflect her inner persona. Amato’s signature collections are seen as timeless modern classics that are collector’s items. Meshing cultures, using the region’s rare arts, layering it with Eastern and Western elements; I create unique pieces for my urbane and globalised clients, reflecting their personal and cultural identities.

Who are your style icons?
Cate Blanchett. She really is the ideal Amato woman. She has style and substance. Cate dares to wear anything out of the ordinary but still remains elegant and graceful. She isn’t afraid to look different from the other celebrities, which I think is what makes her an exquisite muse.

What do you love most about being a creative designer?
Being a fashion designer requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s not always glamorous! What I enjoy about my job is having the opportunity to be inspired, artistic and creative on a daily basis. To also be able to express myself through my craft and share my vision to the world.

What is your biggest luxury?

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