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Azzi & Osta Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture (Photo by Carl Halal)


Lebanese celebrity design duo George Azzi and Assaad Osta’s revealed the creativity behind their eighth Haute Couture collection today in a beautiful ‘making of’ video. The collection, entitled Memoirs from The Silk Road, draws inspiration from the trail of fashion’s legendary trade route connecting East and West.

“We’ve had eight collections so far, and S/S19 is all about one of fashion’s great legends, The Silk Road,” says Assaad. “It was always fascinating to us how silk as a luxury had to travel from one side of the earth to another to get to the royal courts of Europe. The idea of how secretive and protected the provenance and art of silk making was is very similar to couture, the savoir faire, the well-kept secret of the couture house, and the journey that undertakes every piece,” explains George. “Each gown from the collection pays tribute to a city, a monument or a memorable landmark discovered at some point of the journey.”

Azzi & Osta Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture (Photo by Carl Halal)

Citing Haute Couture as a fairytale discovery, “a different dimension where dreams come true, ideas have no rules, creation is always exclusive and materials are like hidden treasures,” and with a moodboard filled with images of historic monuments, travel landscapes, vintage couture pieces, impressionistic paintings and swatches of noble fabrics, George and Assaad used various techniques including pleating and antique embroideries to reflect the journey, with a palette referencing the colour of the sky from dusk to dawn, with shades of jade green, cerulean blue, jasmine white, powder pink, lilac, mulberry yellow and twilight blue.

Lebanese design duo, Azzi & Osta (Photo by Patrick Sawaya)

“The Azzi & Osta muse is every woman who is iconic in her essence, a woman of achievement, a role model, one that makes humanity proud,” says Assaad of the women who inspired their collection. “She is a lover of luxury essence, a curator, also a minimalist who enjoys her individuality, values her heritage and embraces her future. She is a woman with a voice, one that illuminates a room with her words as well as her elegance.”

Watch the beautiful ‘making of’ video below…

Enjoy Azzi & Osta’s Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture collection

  • Words: Emily Baxter-Priest