Behind The Brand: Meet The Founder of Activewear Label Wone

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Former Nike designer Kristin Hildebrand tells MOJEH about her high-end and high-quality activewear line Wone. Focused on minimalism, transparency and function.

How did the label come to be?
I had been a creative director at various companies in the past and it was very much time to take everything I had learned (both good and bad) and create something I believe in. Wone is very much a creation of how I live my life and all that I believe in.



What has inspired your collection?
The entire brand is inspired by the teachings of the Tao Te Ching. I’m very much inspired by philosophy and very interested in a better, easier way of living. I feel our lives are entirely too complex and that brands need to do what they can to support not only a more sustainable existence, but also one that make human life easier.

How has your aesthetic developed since you first started designing?
I used to design with my ego. Expressive, lots of prints, seams. It was all about what I was feeling. I don’t design that way anymore. I think about how I can make someone’s life easier and more effortless to get dressed. I think about removing distractions, making things more comfortable and so on. I believe it’s a designer’s responsibility to enhance human personalities, not take away from them.



How is Wone different to other sportswear lines?
It’s in our DNA. We build collections and products from the finest, most elite performance fabrications on the planet because we believe that using phenomenal fabrications are what make a garment truly special and worth their price point.

Where is the high-tech fabric sourced from?
Our fabric partners are all in Europe – mostly French – and have been family owned for generations. The processes of which they make these materials is patented, and you literally can’t find anything like it in the world which is why it feels and performs so differently than anything else.

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  • Words by Gemma Deeks