August Might Just Be The Time To Revisit Studio 54 Style

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Top and trousers, Versace

From an update on the Versace print to head-to-toe sequins, the Seventies is the unlikeley trend you may well want to consider


In sifting through Pre-Fall 2018 trends, a reimagining of the seventies – Disco to be precise – is an unexpected curve ball. In the height of summer as the temperature soars and the most obvious things to reach for are linens and sheers, is a sequin dress and overzealous jewellery really a good idea? Well, actually, yes.

Dress, N° 21 | Top, Lou de Bertoly | Photographed by Tino Vacca

Here’s the thing. The sun’s high, as are spirits. Parties live on long in to the night and asides from the New Year’s season, summer best evokes the celebratory spirit of the seventies. Clothes garner movement, prints are high-octane and jewellery grabs hold of a more is more attitude.

That’s not to say we’re re-living. Instead, we’re re-imagining. Updates are offered by the way of a new Versace print. Its original audacious attitude remains, but a wearable factor reigns. Mini-dresses aren’t quite as mini and necklines aren’t quite as low. We’re talking seventies with a (slightly) more polished appeal.

Dress, Redemption | Earrings, Paola Grande | Photographed by Tino Vacca

Photographed by Tino Vacca | Styled by Enrica Lamonaca | Model: Edwin at D Management | Make-up Sara Del Re | Styling assistant: Elaine Bongiovanni

Are these Summer’s most sumptuous fabrics?

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