A Summer’s Tale

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By Jemma Walker

temperley London AW15

temperley London AW15

Pastels, exotic prints and florals aren’t quite what you would expect from an AW15 collection, but these extravagant collections challenge seasonal boundaries and evoke our summertime memories.

Holly Fulton’s designs softly entwine femininity with a luxurious mix of sheer pastels, delicate crystals and extravagant floor-length gowns. Using a soft palette of silver and pastel shades, the collection could easily be confused as an ode to summer rather than some extravagant creation for ice queens. Inspired by a muted wash violet shade that also overspills into make-up and accessories, the chilly winter really does seems like a world away.

Fulton isn’t alone in this anti-winter breakaway. Numerous designers are defying AW15 rules with rich mixes of tropical and exotic fabrics. Lucas Nascimento has taken inspiration from his native Brazil this season, presenting bold mixed floral prints in sublimely bright colours, rich fabrics and an especial penchant for spaghetti straps. Layered with trademark knits, these enviable all-in-ones resemble a lazy tropical summer.

Attempting to disguise their lust for sunshine, some designers have mixed colourful floral prints with bohemian elements for a sultry summer experience. A timeless collection from Temperley London showcases effortlessly ethereal maxi dresses, fringed suede tan bags and flowing fabrics, telling a tale of a long slumbering summer.

Boldly expressing an array of summertime memories, many of these collections inspire a coveted fashion wardrobe from designers determined to deviate from the norm.