Where To Visit This Summer

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Known for cultivating intuitive and stylised outdoor spaces, MOJEH sits down with founder and lead designer of Kamelia, Kamelia Zaal, to get her take on the summer months.

Newquay on Cornwall s Atlantic Coast was voted one of the nation s favourite
Newquay on Cornwall's Atlantic Coast was voted “one of the nation's favourite seaside towns”

You’ve built your career around incredible flora and fauna, what is it about nature that draws you in?

I have always had an infinity with nature. The connection between man and nature is fundamental to our survival as a race.

Where will you be travelling to this summer?

I’ll be going to Devon in the UK, which is one of my favourite places to be – the nature is so dramatic and somewhere that is still quite undiscovered. We are also travelling to Scotland to see the family, another stunning part of the UK known for its wild landscapes. It’s amazing.

The Eden Project in Cornwall makes for a great day out for the whole family
The Eden Project in Cornwall makes for a great day out for the whole family

What made you decide to holiday in Devon?

Apart from the fact that I simply love being there, near the water and with such a dramatic landscape, it’s mainly because my godson lives there with his family.

Tell us about your previous holidays to Devon.

I go every year, usually for between two to three weeks. I love walking along the beach, and it’s a perfect location to holiday with my son. Last year, we celebrated my best friend’s birthday on the beach with a big barbeque, and getting to watch my godson surf in Newquay. It’s amazing waking up in the morning to fresh air, and heading to the beach for the day. I also love the food around there, there’s great fresh seafood.

A traditional yurt is a portable round tent covered with skins and used as a
A traditional yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins and used as a dwelling by nomads

What do you recommend visitors do during their holiday in Devon?

There are so many things to do if you’re an outdoors person or family. It’s safe, the weather is usually lovely, and more importantly, kids can spend their whole time outdoors. Even when it’s raining you can head to the Eden Project for the day. We are planning to even camp in a yurt for a few days. Devon can be as adventurous as if you want it be, or relaxing, if that’s what you’d prefer. It offers so much.