The Weekend Edit: Miss Lily’s Dubai

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Discover classic Jamaican food at Dubai’s very own celebrated and self-proclaimed ‘Caribbean Oasis’, for an unexpected twist

Brunch at New York-born Miss Lily’s delivers on all counts. The recently revamped package offers seriously good tunes (both Old School and contemporary), delicious drinks (that are constantly topped up) and extra-long timings for those who want to make the most of their Friday off work.

And if you follow any of the city’s movers and shakers on Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen snaps of the kitschy restaurant’s neon-lit lounge, club-style entrance and poster-plastered walls. Serge Becker, the man behind many of New York’s most popular eateries including La Esquina and Bodega Negra, created the first 80s-styled Miss Lily’s complete with black-and-blue linoleum checkerboard floors.

And Dubai’s space stays true to Becker’s aesthetic, with the diner featuring a multicoloured disco ball, a custom-built speaker stack and walls lined with Jamaican vinyl record covers. New York’s restaurant has become a staple for celebrities such as Kanye West over the years, and the UAE’s hotspot is no different, having already attracted A-listers who want lowkey vibes and an intimate atmosphere, all while dining on some of the best flavours that Dubai has to offer.

Gone are the usual formalities of restaurant service – waiters bursting with personality are eager to make their own recommendations in this laid-back environment from the diverse menu that draws inspiration from the roots of Jamaican cuisine. Modern renditions of island specialities like jerk chicken and curried goat are on offer, which the brunch menu specifically champions dishes that strike the perfect balance between post-breakfast and pre-lunch.

Starters include a scrumptiously spicy tomato salad, as well as hot pepper shrimp and jerk chicken wings. Some of the island’s most famous dishes are also on offer, including ackee and salt fish fried dumplings (Jamaica’s national dish) and callaloo pholourie (a vegetable similar to spinach). A choice of pancakes come with veal bacon, turkey and chicken sausage, while the beloved eponymous burger’s served with flavoursome jerk fries and a delicious scotch bonnet mayo.

MOJEH Recommends: Dress comfortably and don your dancing shoes – from the wall decor to the record-sharped tables, music is an integral part of the Miss Lily’s ethos so expect a music-fuelled experience. Come prepared…

Miss Lily’s Dubai, Sheraton Grand Hotel. +971 4 354 4074