Watch Kate Moss & Co. Tackle The Climate Crisis



December 2019

Rita Ora and Kate Moss star in Project Zero’s climate crisis campaign

Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Cara and Poppy Delevinge, and Pixie Geldof are just some of the familiar faces featured in a new campaign dedicated to cleaning up the ocean. 

Launched by Project Zero, an ocean conservation initiative, the short film calls upon an A-list line-up to reveal some shocking facts relating to the climate crisis and its crippling effect on the world’s coastal waters and high seas.

Emphasising the need to protect 30% of the ocean in order to create a sustainable future for life on Earth, the campaign highlights the spectacular life-giving role the ocean and its biodverisy plays, and how this is alarmingly under threat. 

This message is reinforced by the star-studded ambassadors from film, fashion, music and sport, who directly ask the viewer to “turn the tide on the climate crisis.

Through this video and a plethora of other initiates — including a unique seascape Christmas installation in London’s Carnaby Street, encouraging people to refrain from using plastic bottles and bags — the Project’s plight is to raise global awareness, encourage behavior change and create a new revenue for protection.

With over half of the world’s coral reefs already gone and just 2% of the ocean protected, Project Zero aim to flip the figures and create a substantial change by 2030 — with Kate Moss and many others helping to champion the cause. 

To discover more about Project Zero’s Climate Crisis campaign, visit

  • Image: Getty Images
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