Surf & Shibori: Louis Vuitton’s Escale Collection



May 2020

LV Escale | Photographed by Hill + Aubrey

Louis Vuitton’s latest capsule collection, LV Escale, paints the picture of a seaside holiday inspired by the age-old Japanese technique, shibori, which consists of twisting and knotting fabric and then dyeing it. 

The result is a collection that is all at once colourful, energetic and playful. Think indigo blue scarves made to be worn around the waist or shoulders; tie-dye bags big enough for a day out; and athletic-style swimwear perfect for a high-energy summer. 


LV Escale

Evoking the surfer scenes of the ’60s and ’70s, the collection even has a hippie-chic skim board that could easily be displayed as a collector’s piece in the hallway — while beach days remain off-limits.

Even if summer 2020 is cancelled, this capsule offers sartorial escapism in abundance. Featured as as an exclusive pre-launch on Louis Vuitton’s new UAE e-commerce site, the collection is available to shop immediately;



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