#Self-CareSunday: The Summer Beauty Buy To Add To Your Skincare Regime



July 2020

With temperatures on an upward climb and humidity at an all time high, this week’s dose of self-care is dedicated to supercharging your summer skincare. The latest beauty buy on our list? Charlotte Tilbury’s new Magic Cream Light 

It’s difficult to find someone who is not a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream — the classic oil-based formula which has been a cult skincare hero since 2014 — but, as much as we love the Shea butter infused cream, it is a little heavy for summer in the Middle East. The antidote? A lightweight version made for humid summers and oil-prone skin.

“As the seasons change, and people’s skin changes, sometimes there’s a need for a lighter-textured moisturiser,” revealed Charlotte Tilbury. “When I travelled to Asia, so many women and men told me that they adorned the Magic Cream for winter but needed a fluid-like moisturiser for humid conditions.”

With a veil-like moisture that leaves skin dewy and hydrated, the new Magic Cream Light delivers the same clinically proven results as its big sister. The light version leaves the complexion plumper and naturally glowing, and it also works to protect the skin against visible and invisible pollution, digital blue light, UVA and UVB rays with SPF 20. The perfect summer addition to your skincare regime.

Magic Cream Light 

Magic Cream Light, Charlotte Tilbury

The Magic Cream Light can be found in Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty wonderlands across the Middle East, or the must-have moisturiser can be delivered to your door via same-day or next-day delivery on Namshi. 

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