Legit Lashes: Huda Beauty Launches Its Debut Mascara



May 2020

For Huda Kattan, it all began with a pair of faux eyelashes. Now, the beauty mogul is making a statement with the real thing 


It took over four years to finesse Huda Beauty’s latest launch, a two-sided mascara that is, as you would expect, far from basic. Named Legit Lashes, the new beauty hero features a unique formula and innovative duo-wand technique that masters volume, length, and curl in one flick of the wrist.

The first side of the double-ended stick is dedicated to definition, with a brush that boasts intertwined petal bristles designed to evenly apply pigmented mascara and add volume by building layers. This is enhanced by a lightweight formula that helps to avoid stiffness and achieve a clump-free, smooth finish. 

huda beauty mascara

Huda Beauty’s first mascara, Legit Lashes

On the flip side, the next wand reveals a curved brush that grips onto each lash and creates instant length via its nine rows of bristles. The wand coats each lash with a desired furl and maximum length that mirrors the movement of natural wispy lashes.

Start by curling your lashes with a lash curler for at least 10 seconds; then choose the end of the wand that you would like to use for your desired look and start at the root of the lashes before zig-zagging the mascara wand back and forth to build up a base before moving to the tip of the lashes. This movement from root-to-tip will help to coat each lash evenly. 

Once you’ve coated your lashes, for a thickening effect and added volume, look down and coat your lashes once more. If you want to add a curl, roll the brush as you move it through your lashes.

Huda Beauty’s Legit Lashes launches in store and online at Hudabeauty.com on May 20

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