Karl Lagerfeld X The Woolmark Company



February 2020


Karl Lagerfeld and The Woolmark Company collaborate on a knit kit which celebrates Karl’s life and legacy


Both Karl Lagerfeld and his namesake brand share a longstanding relationship with The Woolmark Company, which began in 1954 when Lagerfeld won the Woolmark Prize in the coat category. This milestone moment launched Lagerfeld’s  prestigious career in fashion — which is still honoured today. 


This February, the house of Karl Lagerfeld and The Woolmark Company have announced a special collaboration, launching 777 (an ode to Lagerfeld’s favourite number 7) limited-edition ‘Knit Karl’ boxes. Each  ‘do it yourself’ box includes Merino yarn, knitting needles, personalised pins, and patterns to create one of the four designs imagined by Karl Lagerfeld.

“This entire year we have launched special projects and initiatives to celebrate Karl’s life and legacy,” said Caroline Lebar, Head of Image and Communications at Karl Lagerfeld. “As Karl’s first-ever creation was for the Woolmark Prize in 1954, it feels appropriate to celebrate his life with this collaboration with The Woolmark Company.”


The ‘Knit Karl’ box features unisex designs — a pullover, cap, headband or scarf — with instructions for how to knit the item and yarn made from pure Australian Merino wool that is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

“It is emotional that Karl Lagerfeld’s first major accomplishment was with wool, as was one of his last projects,” says The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “The ‘Knit Karl’ box give each owner a unique experience that combines the pride of wearing a high-fashion designer piece with the satisfaction of having created it themselves.”

Knit Karl box

For a chance to win a unique ‘Knit Karl’ kit, participants must find a special code in a digital scavenger hunt as a part of a competition that will run from February 8 to March 7.


MOJEH readers have access to an exclusive code — KLWQWCQ3 — which is to be entered online at Knitkarl.com for a chance to win a Karl Lagerfeld X The Woolmark Company box. 

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