Bouguessa Re-Launches Its Signature Line Using Recycled Fabrics



July 2020

Earlier this month, Faiza Bouguessa announced that her eponymous ready-to-wear label would undergo significant changes in a bid to become more eco-conscious and sustainable. 

“I feel it is my responsibility to take our mission of creating timeless collections that transcend seasons and tread a step further by starting a new chapter,” said Faiza, founder and creative director of Bouguessa. The brand’s plans toward sustainability involve the integration of recycled and natural fabrics into the production line, and to further reduce the use of plastic packaging and paper waste. 

Signature line

The new sustainable Signature line

“The first goal is to re-launch our Signature line using only recycled fabric from our existing old stock allowing to reduce waste and keep using these beautiful quality materials to create effortless designs that last over time,” said Faiza. 

Signature line

The new sustainable Signature line

Produced by order and available in limited edition, the re-launched Signature line is comprised of easy-to-wear separates in luxe linens and multi-purpose dresses to wear on rotation — in earthy-hued neutrals and a hint of colour via rosewood, cinnamon and fuchsia — all made from deadstock material.

Effortlessly chic and eco-friendly, the new sustainable line is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe — for this year and every year to come. 

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