Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With These Holiday Decorating Tips

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Whether you are decorating for yourself or hosting a party for the festive season, these home décor tips are guaranteed to make your space the talk of the town.

Mix up your colour palette
Yes, red and green will always be holiday staples, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be inundated with those two tones. Pops of blue, brown, and gold can be surprisingly chic during the festive season.

Match gift tags to your colour scheme
Everyone knows just how important a well-wrapped gift is. For family gatherings, make the exterior of your gifts look just as good as the presents that lie inside by pairing pre-printed gift tags that reinforce your holiday decorating scheme with metallic paper. The bonus is that, until you give the gifts to their recipients, they will add a chic touch to your living room.

Don’t forget the bedrooms
Most people spend hours hanging fairy lights around their front yard or decorating certain rooms for some festive holiday entertaining, but if you’ve got family or friends coming to stay, it’s important not to forget about the bedrooms. Ensure you host in style by adding thoughtful nods to the season like decorative pillows and hints of greenery.

Pile on the plaid
Try using plaid as a theme for your festive decorations for a classic, old school take on holiday cheer. To avoid overloading on one pattern, don’t be afraid to mix and match plaids of varying sizes and scales.

Fill cylinders with ornaments
For a tasteful yet intricate festive display, try filling transparent glass cylinders or vases with painted holiday objects such as pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments. These decorations should be displayed en mass on a dining table, coffee table, or even a windowsill.

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