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Who's That Girl? Stacy Martin

As the face of Miu Miu’s highly anticipated debut fragrance, we get to know actress-come-model Stacy Martin...

By Susan Devaney

Stacy Martin starring in her first campaign for Miu Miu autumn winter 14
Stacy Martin starring in her first campaign for Miu Miu, autumn/winter 14.

With her whip-like frame, chocolate brown long locks and silky porcelain skin it’s not hard to see why this 24-year-old is finding fame at her feet already. Her Franco-English demeanour of insouciant coolness mixed with her impeccable sense of style has failed to go unnoticed too. From sitting front row at Chanel, Rag & Bone and Miu Miu, the fashion world has found their new rising star. Stacy openly admits this hasn’t always come with such ease. "To be honest I’m not sure I had a sense of style when I was a kid. My relationship to fashion was, let’s say, quite ‘non-existent’. I would mainly wear baggy jeans and t-shirts. Over the last few years I’ve found my own way of having a relationship with fashion that’s true to me and matches what I do day-to-day in my daily life. My favourite experiences and items are those that allow me to still get along with my day without having to think about what I’m wearing," she recalls. 

Stacy Martin featured in Miu Miu s new fragrance 15 campaign
Stacy Martin featured in Miu Miu's new fragrance 15 campaign.

Born in France, Stacy moved to Tokyo with her parents (her father is a hairstylist) at the age of seven before returning to her home country during her teenage years. At eighteen she ventured to London to study media and cultural studies at London College of Communication. It was during this tenure she signed with Premier Model Management. Stacy openly admits she undertook modelling to pay the bills and to become financially independent, rather than through a burning desire to strut the runway. Subsequently, she has appeared in several fashion spreads and publications. More recently, Stacy has become the face of Miu Miu’s debut fragrance, MIU MIU. 

It’s not just the fashion experts who have noticed her chameleon-like qualities but the film industry wants her too. After her debut film role in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy’s film career is off to a flying start. With an A-list cast in tow, Stacy plays the role of Gainsbourg’s younger self. The similarities between the two are uncanny. From a likeness in appearance and fashion taste to Stacy’s resemblance to Jane Birkin – Gainsbourg’s famous mother. With several nude scenes with Shia LeBeouf and tackling a role of many dimensions, it appears that Stacy is a natural. By modelling whilst studying at university, fortunately she earned enough to be able to pay for acting lessons at the Actors’ Temple where she still studies. Unlike many other acting students before her, she hasn’t had to slog it out by receiving knock back after knock back after attending auditions. She’s one of the lucky ones. Over the past few months, Stacy has been working on a new project in Italy, which is now completed. ‘I’ve recently been shooting in Rome with Italian film director Matteo Garrone on his new film The Tale of Tales. The film is based on a collection of fairy tales by 17th century author Giambattista Basile,’ she says. The year ahead for her is set to look like a busy one too. "I’m also due to shoot with British film director Ben Wheatley for his new film High-Rise. Later this year, I have Nicolas Saada’s new film Taj Mahal. So there’s lots going on and I feel extremely privileged to be working with such talented people," she says, humbly. We can also expect to see her starring in Danny Huston’s The Last Photograph, out next year

All images courtesy of Getty.

With her uncanny resemblance to the seventies fashion icon Jane Birkin, this ‘Girl with the Fringe’ (who is more than a little mysterious), is only getting started. It’s not luck, but her multiple talents and cross-culture allure that are shining through.  

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

From Wild to Tracks, women seeking adventure (and solitude) as they travel the world has become a popular tale of late. As Disney announces its plans to release Moana next year – a female-lead film about a girl who takes to the high tides in search of an adventure – we’ve tracked down 10 women on Instagram who are wandering the world, one footstep at a time. 

By Susan Devaney

1. GrrrlTraveler

Christine Kaaloa has been documenting her travel tales on her blog, The Imperfect Adventures of a Solo Traveller, as she flies solo around the globe. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

2. FloraBaker

She has 1 goal: to visit every continent at least twice before she turns 31. Moving from continent to continent, she’s been working and volunteering along the way as she reaches her destination. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

3. Anna.Everywhere

After travelling for over 10 years, Anna is a dab hand at grabbing a suitcase and taking flight. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

4. UrbanPixxels

Photographer and travel blogger Jacintha Verdegaal is a Dutch expat in London with a knack for posting some stunning shots as she moves from one place to the next. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

5. Somekindofwanderlust

Her Instagram has already been noted by some top magazines for its globetrotting glory - it's fair to sayAndrea Magrath knows a thing or two about our planet. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

6. KirstenAlana

With Italy, Vietnam and Cambodia next on her list of places to visit, Kirsten Alana captures everything from food to fancy stops. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

7. Youngadventuress

The young adventuress Liz Carlson has taken photos of the most wonderful landscapes known to man. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

8. Parisinfourmonths

Carin Olsson packed it all in and moved to Paris to follow her dreams. Her dreamy outlook is evoked through her shots of Paris from day to night. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

9. Kimi Juan

As she travels around southeast Asia, Kimi ventures to the most rugged landscapes and shoots them with sheer beauty. 

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram

10. Alexinwanderland

With her New York state of mind, travel writer Alexandra Baackes hops across the globe with glee.  

10 Women Wandering the World on Instagram




June 2015


Cool girls have adopted rock chic and made it mainstream. From the front row to backstage, studs are eagerly embraced, leather jackets are staple and spikes cover Louboutins. Style icons indulge in twists on classic designs, and black glistening with gold is the reigning superstar. 

To Quote, or Not to Quote

If you look closely, inspirational quotes are everywhere. From billboards to campaign slogans, we can’t escape a motivational quote. But is it becoming too much?  

By Susan Devaney

To Quote or Not to Quote

How many inspirational quotes have you read on Instagram alone in the past week? Maybe 20? Possibly 50? I’m willing to bet over 100. Uploading a ‘quote of the day’ is quickly becoming our way of saying ‘this sums up how I’m feeling’ or ‘read this and you’ll feel better’. From Facebook to Twitter, we’re picking and posting motivational quotes to promote on our newsfeeds. 

Have we become obsessed with quotes? 

To Quote or Not to Quote

In 2013, Forbes ran a list of the most influential people on social media. People who topped the list all had one thing in common: they posted and promoted motivational content. (Even when you log onto Forbes.com you’ll be greeted with their ‘quote of the day’.) It's social media that’s providing a solid platform for it. Currently, one of the top trending hashtags is #QuoteOfTheDay. If you type it into Instagram you'll be met with over 10 million results. Could it be a strategic marketing tool or a motivational mind game? 

Gonzalo Arzuaga, an internet entrepreneur sold his company GauchoNet.com for several million to fund his new business Inspower (as in: inspirational power). Selling motivational packages to businesses, from inspirational thoughts plastered across their mirrors to a motivational prep talk in the lift. He also runs Inspirational Quotes, a Twitter account – with an estimated reaching power of over two million - with a tag line of: ‘We love inspirational and motivational quotes. Every person has got a quote that helps them be the best they can be.’

Celebrities are in on it too. Whether they’re posting encouraging lyrics from their own songs or quoting an inspirational leader, they too find a sense of hope in a quote. The site QuoteTags.com - operated by a company in Santa Monica - endorse trending quotes online. From funny to heartbroken to relationships, the site categorises inspirational quotes by celebrities on Instagram and their current ratings. The Kardashians are prime examples in leading the way with their motivational snapshots. From Kendall to Khloe, they love to channel the encouraging thoughts of someone else. Someone – but whom, who is doing the quoting? That’s the problem. All across Pinterest, Instagram and on our Facebook walls are quotes from nameless individuals. 

All images courtesy of Instagram.

From the backs of our shampoo bottles to our kitchen tea towels, they’ve seeped into all corners of our lives. A motivational quote can be beautiful, but being forced to read them on a daily basis is dampening the ‘stop and make you think’ effect. Quotes may give some of us a sense of hope and strength, but less is always more. 

To Quote or Not to Quote

Take a Trip with the Travel Junkie

Serial traveller Michelle Karam - the founder of Travel Junkie Diary - divulged her top tips on how to battle jetlag, the must-visit staycation destinations and ultimate jetsetter essentials.

By Jemma Walker

Michelle Karam at the Jumeirah Bodrum Palace Turkey
Michelle Karam at the Jumeirah Bodrum Palace, Turkey

Where are you looking forward to visiting this summer?

My husband, daughter and I are visiting Spain and travelling around the coast. We are going to Barcelona for a wedding, then Costa Brava, Mallorca and then we’ll decide where we end up.

Five things you can’t travel without?

I always need my Chanel Hydra lip balm, camera, notebook, pashmina and a good book - I’ve been trying to read the same book for three years and haven’t succeeded yet.

Top regional destination for avoiding the UAE heat? 

I just got back from Bodrum, Turkey, where the sun is strong but the breeze is stronger. Just a four hour flight from Dubai and you are in the centre of it all - beautiful beaches, sailing and water activities.

What’s the best way to explore a new destination? 

It’s true when they say get lost. It takes longer, but if you have time and you can read maps, then don’t be afraid to rent a bicycle and go. 

Follow Michelle Karam around the world

Where do you go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city?

Alila Oman tops my off the beaten track destinations. It’s extremely difficult to get to - a long drive and a plane ride – but it’s all worth it when you’re in the clouds on top of the mountain.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?

People always used to ask me that question and I could never answer, but now, I discovered magic in Hallstatt, Austria. I’ve always wanted to be in a place where the lake touches the mountains - and Hallstatt was a dream come true.

One destination you’d like to go back to?

Port Antonio in Jamaica - I don’t feel I’ve seen enough of it – my husband and I started from Montego Bay and were there for a month but didn’t explore any further than Port Antonio. 

Some of the enviable travel shots from the @traveljunkiediary Instagram | 1. Portugal | 2. New York | 3. Turkey | 4. Austria| 5. Austria | 6. Sri Lanka | 7. Seychelles

Name your top staycation destinations?

It would have to start with Batroun in Lebanon for its Mallorca meets French Riviera scenery, Turkey’s new Jumeirah Bodrum Palace and Sharm El Sheikh where my husband proposed to me. Here in Dubai there’s one of my favourite restaurants, Toro Toro and finally Musandam Fjords in Oman. There’s something about Oman that keeps everyone wanting to go back for more - whether it’s the mountains, the sea or the adventure - it’s a beautiful place for a quick getaway.




June 2015


Add a spring to your step and a sparkle to your shoes with Chiara Ferragni’s ever-shimmering pumps. The founder of The Blonde Salad has an extra punch of panache for your ensemble with lipstick embellishment and wide-eyed winks.


Shoes, Chiara Ferragni 

My Travel Diary: Noor Fares

Over the weekend Lebanese fine jewellery designer Noor Fares tied the knot with her love Alexandre Al Khawam in France. In celebration we revisit MOJEH Issue 20 where she told us why she holds the city of Jaipur close to her heart. 

The city of Jaipur Image courtesy of Corbis
The city of Jaipur. Image courtesy of Corbis.

My favourite place to eat: The Kitchen at Jaipur Modern.

My favourite style piece: MUNNU The Gem Palace Jewelry, 22-karat Gold Moonstone Earrings.

For the plane: My sketchbook and pencils.

My favourite Jaipur memory: The pink sky at night.

The best time to go: Anytime!

Who I take along: Friends or anyone who wants an adventure.

My favourite song for the setting: Khwaja Mere Khwaja by A.R. Rahman.

My cultural highlights: The City Palace. 

Fine jewellery designer Noor Fares
Fine jewellery designer Noor Fares.

My undiscovered gem: The Jantar Mantar is fascinating with its innovative sundials and astrolabes. I found it so inspiring.

My favourite book inspired by Jaipur: A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur by Gayatri Devi.

A piece from my collection most fitting for Jaipur: My Fly Me to the Moon Wing Earrings in rose gold with mother of pearl.

The best place to stay: Narain Niwas Palace.

My favourite activity: Getting lost in the jewellery bazaars.

Images courtesy of Corbis.




June 2015


Welcome to a week celebrating the fun in fashion. From bold fur to tongue-in-cheek slogans – be stylish not serious.


Replace demure pastels and floral prints with your own furry friend - it might not be your first thought in the midst of a Middle Eastern summer – but it’s sure to keep you company whatever the weather.  


Bag, Fendi

Music in Film: The Leading Ladies

Following the release of the documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone? we take a glance at the leading ladies in films inspired by music.

By Christopher Prince


Music in Film The Leading Ladies

/1. What Happened, Miss Simone?
Liz Garbus

The latest addition to the ever-growing Netflix catalogue sees Nina Simone brought to life through the eyes of director, Liz Garbus. Combining unreleased footage of Simone along with interviews with her family – namely Simone’s daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, who served as the films executive producer, and accounts from friends, What Happened, Miss Simone? is a poignant tale of one of America’s most celebrated jazz artists.

Simone not only transcended the music industry, but also the lives of her supporters as she championed the African-American civil rights movement through much of her recordings and live performance repertoire. The singer recorded more than 40 albums in her career fusing the sounds of gospel, pop, jazz and classical music during her peak years from the late fifties to the early seventies.

Music in Film The Leading Ladies

/2. Florence Foster Jenkins
Stephen Frears

The upcoming American dramatic film based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins may have an undetermined release date, but with a leading cast boasting Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, the film has already been discussed as a shoo-in for the Academy Awards. Charting the true story of Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) - a wealthy socialite who used her family's money to promote herself as a legitimate opera singer despite being ridiculed by the public for having a terrible voice - the film, directed by Stepehen Frears (The Queen (2006), Philomena (2013)) will focus on Foster Jenkins' career in New York between the 1930s and 40s. 

Music in Film The Leading Ladies

/3. Amy
Asif Kapadia

Much of what has already been written about Asif Kapadia's touching documentary Amy, based on the life and times of jazz phenomenon Amy Winehouse, focuses on the demise of the singer during her final days. Yet Kapadia's deft attempt at portraying Winehouse as both a social and culture figure of our time is perhaps one of the most successful elements of this 2015 musical love letter.

Through passages from family and friends, inclusive of unearthed camera footage and behind-the-scenes clips, the film challenges Winehouses's see-saw attempt of trying to balance the price of fame with the naivety of her intrinsic talent. Debuted at this year's Cannes Film Festival to critical acclaim, Amy will be released worldwide next month.

Music in Film The Leading Ladies

/4. Ricki and the Flash
Jonathan Demme

Though not a music documentary as such, Jonathan Demme's direction of Ricki and the Flash, set to be released this August, showcases the troubles an artist faces when deciding between family and fame. Meryl Streep crops up again in the film's leading role as Ricki, an ageing rockstar who abandoned her family to seek success. Alongside Streep is her daughter Mamie Gummer - the third time both mother and daughter have starred together (Heartburn (1986), The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and Evening (2007)) - as Julie, the divorced daughter of Ricki and Kevin Kline (Sophie's Choice (1982) and A Fish Called Wanda (1988)) as Ricki's ex-husband.

Much of the film centres on Ricki's damaged relationship with her estranged son Joshua (Sebastian Stan), and her attempts to navigate a life she has never been a part of.

Female music protagonists have been the subject of numerous films over recent years. Take the 2010 revival of The Runaways - a rebellious, rip-roaring account of the 1970s all-girl rock band of the same name starring Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie. Marion Cotillard's leading performance as Edith Piaf in the critically acclaimed French biographical film La Vie en rose (2007), garnered her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Bill Condon's musical Dreamgirls (2006) adapted from the 1981 Broadway musical of the same name and loosely based on American Motown group, The Supremes, also won Jennifer Hudson an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. The two standout musical biographies from the nineties saw Selena (1997) and What's Love Got to Do with It (1993) chart the fame of Selena (Jennifer Lopez) and Tina Turner (Angela Bassett) respectively as global music icons.




June 2015


If you’ve got a sun-seeking weekend ahead, don’t lose track of time with a gem-encrusted De Grisogono Grappoli watch - it’s the only standout accessory brighter than the Middle Eastern summer.