Sahrai Rugs Has Your Italian Getaway Sorted (Without The Jet Lag)

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Sahrai Rugs Italian Summer Vibes Collection

Luxury rug company Sahrai takes us on a trip through Italy with Italian Summer Vibes: a curation of carpets inspired by the region’s stunning summer sights

Sahrai is taking you on a whirlwind trip through Italy this summer with a sun-drenched curation of rugs, compiled as an ode to wanderlust and Italy’s striking colours. Italian Summer Vibes, an eight-week journey through Italy’s most breathtaking destinations, highlights Sahrai rugs from collections’ past through four chapters: The Lakes, Coastal Treasures, The South and Tuscany. Each chapter will be on display for two weeks at Sahrai’s Milan headquarters and London flagship.

Chapter One of Italian Summer Vibes begins lakeside, nestled between glorious mountain slopes, with Reflection In Blue as the centrepiece of the selection. Created in collaboration with Christian Hetzel for Sahrai’s Artists Selection Collection, the rug translates the observations of nature – azure oceans, cloudless skies and reflections in a crystal-clear lake – into abstract art. A combination of wool, viscose embossment and tantalising texture highlight the rich blue and turquoise hues.

Chapter One: The Lakes

The journey continues to the kaleidoscopic coastline where the likes of Portofino, the Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast serve as the inspiration for Chapter Two: Coastal Treasures. The Agata Rose Laguna rug, created by Dadid Elia from the Artists Selection Collection, is a chapter highlight. Inspired by multi-coloured volcanic stones, the limited-edition, bamboo-silk rug blends brights – think pink, sunshine yellow and electric blue – in mesmerising spirals.

Sahrai rugs

Chapter Two: Coastal Treasures

Sicily and Puglia are passed on the way to Capri for Chapter Three. Sahrai’s Summertime rug from the Underwater Life collection is the stand-out and features a silk-embossed palm leaf atop a luxurious cream base, evoking memories of sunny days spent seeking shade under tropical palms. Customisable according to customers’ preferred palettes, the hand-quilted rug is made all the more spectacular with silk embossment.

Sahrai rugs

Chapter Three: The South

The rolling Tuscan hills are the final stop for Sahrai’s Italian Summer Vibes showcase, where Tuscany’s sky-high cypress trees and endless vineyards are brought to life in Alexandria: a rug designed for the Milano Collection. A medallion draws the eye to the centre of the contemporary piece, surrounded by lush fabrics in six shades.

Sahrai rugs takes you to Tuscany through its Italian Summer Vibes showcase

Chapter Four: Tuscany

Through Italian Summer Vibes, Sahrai invites you to enjoy an endless summer by bringing it into your home through luxurious, custom-made rugs. Expert craftsmanship by master weavers is a Sahrai signature; Persian rug-making tradition has been passed down through generations since Sahrai’s inception in Tehran in 1830. This craftsmanship has been long-appreciated by fashion brands worldwide including Armani/Casa, Gianfranco Ferré and Elie Saab Maison, who partner with Sahrai to create masterful pieces. The Italian Summer Vibes collections are available to view at Sahrai headquarters in Via A. Manzoni 45 in Milan and the London flagship at 62-64 Brook Street, Mayfair, until the last week of August. For more information, visit

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  • Words by Savanna Smith