Fall’s New Form: Rue Kothari

Laura Beaney

2 min read

After a long, hot summer in Dubai, the new season couldn’t come fast enough. The social wheel cranks back to life and brings with it a whole crop of new places to be, styles to explore and people to reconnect with. Of course, it’s also the lead up to Downtown Design, our curated design fair that presents the best commercial design from around the world for a regional audience. It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work, and with this year being our biggest and most diverse show to date, there’s no shortage of pressure to make it the best.

It’s also back to school [time], which means juggling my daughter’s commitments with my own. Managing a full work schedule, with the precocious demands of today’s little people is a fine art – and definitely one I’m still trying to perfect. But, the precious weekends we spend together are all the reward I need as a mother. Naturally, the cooler months mean more time languishing on the beach on a Friday morning, lolling in the park, strolling through the markets, and eating al fresco – yet another reason why I’ve lived in this city for 13 years. And after a tough week in the office, those hours of sunshine absolutely blow the cobwebs away.

With every season and year that passes, I always think that my life will slow down, but it’s quite the opposite. This season will be no different, with the usual carousel of events, buzzy places to eat and drink, fabulous dresses and endless air-kissing. Investing in new season pieces is all part of the fun. Aside from my addiction to Net-a-Porter, which tends to yield a fair few wardrobe staples, from vintage tees and jeans to lingerie and swimwear, I’ll probably continue my long-time love affair with Fendi, by pulling out a few autumn/winter items that will last forever.

What really keeps me motivated are my travel pit stops throughout the year that culminate in mini-jaunts to London to keep my homesickness at bay, a few days in Hong Kong to visit friends, and a gorgeous two week family vacation in Sri Lanka to top it all off. The mission is to stave off ennui and ensure that life never gets dull.


Book to read: In November, one of my favourite authors, Martin Amis, will publish a book of essays covering a variety of subjects- from Donald Trump to Princess Diana. He’s [got] a wry wit – I can only hope to write this well and be this caustic when I get to his age

Local café to frequent: I’m yet to try 3 fils [in] Jumeirah. I love these hidden gems, and autumn is the perfect time to explore them

Essential wardrobe update: The new ‘F is for Fendi’ bag comes in a multitude of colours and configurations

Scent to spritz: Byredo’s Gypsy Water

Event in the diary: Dubai Design Week – it offers original content, interaction, education and innovation