Here’s How To Set New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

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More than half of all New Year's resolutions fail, but this time, they don't have to be yours. Here's how to set resolutions that you can actually keep throughout 2019.

Get specific
Saying you want to “lose weight” or “save money” isn’t setting concrete goals, they are simply wishes. Giving your goals details gives them life, and makes them more achievable. For instance, how much weight do you want to lose and within what time frame?

Start small
While setting yourself a huge goal at the start of the year seems like a great idea, the reality is, large goals can often feel overwhelming. To avoid this, simply break your goal down into smaller pieces. Outline small goals that can be reached in 30-90 days and include only those that will help you reach your larger overall goal. When you break a large goal into manageable pieces, you’ll be more likely to stay focused and increase your success.

New Year

New year, new you

Write it down
Studies have shown that writing down our goals increases the chance of us achieving them. So put pen to paper to help hold yourself accountable. To increase your chances of success, you should also write down a clear plan of attack, which should outline how you’re going to achieve your goals.

Don’t give up
Permanently changing your behaviour can take months and unfortunately a slip-up is almost inevitable, but you must not let this become an excuse to give up. You need to make a conscious effort to stay on track through the long process.

Put yourself in charge
While other people can advise and support you in your goals, it’s your actions that need to change to see the results you want. Having a strong sense of control over your life is necessary to stick with your goals. Those who blame everyone and everything apart from themselves will be less likely to succeed.

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