How To Create The Perfect Grazing Platter This Party Season

By Gracie Stewart

2 min read

Party season is fast approaching and with it comes plenty of opportunities for entertaining. But this year, it’s time to ditch the chips in favour of an abundant, artfully arranged grazing platter. Brimming with beautiful fruits, shaved meats and quality produce, they are a great way for people to come together and bond over food. spoke to Henry Dyer, managing director at Dish Catering and Events in Dubai, to find out his top tips for creating the perfect grazing platter this party season.

Stick to cold food
Unfortunately when creating a grazing platter that needs to sit out for the duration of your party, hot food won’t stay warm unless you work with a professional who has specialised holding equipment.

Create height
If you’re laying your food out on tables like a buffet, create different heights so that the food jumps out at you. You can use an upside down terracotta pot plant, cooking books, simple pieces of wood or even bricks. Let your imagination run wild.

Fill the space
For a grazing platter that looks inviting you want to make sure you fill absolutely every bit of space. Loose items like nuts or dried fruit are great for filling any gaps. You want to make it look abundant.

Don’t forget about dessert
Dessert style grazing platters are always popular and are really fun to put together. You should go to several different suppliers so you have a variety of sweet treats.

You can’t go wrong with cheese
One of our favourite grazing platters at Dish is cheese and antipasto with a whole variety of flavours and textures. The messier and less organised your cheese board is, the better. Avoid slicing your cheese in advance and add accompaniments such as stuffed olives, prosciutto and a range of crackers and bread.

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