Fendi’s Modern Masterpiece

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For its new Rome headquarters, Fendi revitalises a building as iconic as the brand itself. To celebrate its ninetieth anniversary, the iconic Italian brand chose the most striking and imposing buildings of the town, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (the Palace of the Italian Civilisation), a six-story vision of grandeur with an austere past. The neoclassical facade of never-ending arches with glass and bronze windows extend across all four of the building’s sides. At the top of the building, a romantic vision of Italy is spelt out in giant letters: “A population of poets, of artists, of heroes, of saints, of thinkers, of scientists, of navigators and voyagers.” 

“Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana is a symbol of our Roman roots and of a continuous dialogue between traditions and modernity, values dear to Fendi since the beginning,” states Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of the Italian brand on the new emblamatic move.