Four Ways To Elevate Your Next Dinner Party



July 2021

How to elevate your dinner party with a tablescape

Yearning to be the perfect hostess? Turn to tablescaping for a dinner party your guests won’t soon forget

With Instagram – and the endless inspiration that comes with it – at our fingertips, it should come as no surprise that we are constantly lusting over interiors, searching for ways to elevate our homes (especially when that is where we spend the most time nowadays). As it happens, millions of Instagram users are in the same (virtual) boat, however, there is one specific interior trend that is taking social media by storm: tablescaping. With over 1.4 million hashtags, creating a beautiful tablescape has become the ultimate dinner party must-have, but where to start? Read on for four beginner-friendly ways you can elevate your dinner table this summer.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

The interiors obsession with every shade of grey has thankfully come to an end, and in its place, rich and vibrant palettes are making a bold statement in our homes. Try layering blocks of colour via tablecloths and napkins, or to really make a statement, look for glassware in shades of cobalt blue, hot pink and not-so-mellow yellow.

Bringing Outside In

From floral arrangements to dinnerware, botanical influences are a big trend for 2021. When it comes to dinnerware, look for pretty floral patterns. And don’t be afraid to side-step flowers entirely for mini terracotta pots of herbs or small houseplants instead.

Mix It Up


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Eclectic tablescapes featuring mismatched dinnerware are gaining traction on social media, meaning it’s never been easier to make an impact with what you already own. Try single candlesticks dotted along the table, an assortment of vases in different shapes and sizes as a centrepiece, or even a piece of sculpture.

The Secret Garden

The trend for using fresh fruit and vegetables as a tablescape focal point is the perfect way to bring your menu to life before your guests have even taken their first bite. Or why not try cabbage pattern plates or dinnerware decorated with Amalfi-inspired citrus fruits as a nod to the trend in an unexpected way.

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